When We Land Host Album Release “Introvert’s Plight” At Turf Club

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It was one of those cold and blustery nights in the Twin Cities. It when the cold air hits the face and one question crosses my mind, “Why?”. The question itself is rarely answered in the moment and I carry on. Trudging through the weather and its obstacles, I found myself at the iconic venue, Turf Club.

Known as “The best remnant of the 1940’s”, it’s a small music venue located at the corner of University and Snelling in St. Paul. Don’t let the size fool you. With a capacity of 300-350 people, over the years it has become a must-book venue for any local band looking to land in the spotlight.

This is what Jesse Baxter (frontman), Jeff Myers (guitarist), Steve Fregard (Bassist), and Tim Torabpour (drummer) hoped to do when they started the band three years ago. Excepted one major issue plagued the band— the inability to settle on a name. As they expressed frustration about how they couldn’t wait for “when they landed” the name the band was born.

Photo by Travis Meier

When We Land debuted their freshman album Introvert’s Plight on Friday. Following the smooth coherent indie-pop sound similar to Ben Folds Five lyrics, meets Explosions In The Sky melodies.

The 4-piece group packed the Turf Club, sharing their chill unique sound to their supporters. Following their album playlist, they wowed the crowd with a variety of piano and acoustic performances.

Photo by Travis Meier

Closing out their set, they sang their single, “Introvert Plight” which has a repeating lyric “For the very first time.” I found the title and lyrics to be very fitting to the end the show and album. Much like my question from before of, “Why?”. The answer—because life is about experiencing as much as you can for the very first time.

Written by Travis Meier

Black coffee drinking traveling photojournalist based in NE Mpls!


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