Viral Stars Rhett and Link Connect With Fans At MPLS Comedy Festival Performance

Rhett and Link performing in Minneapolis. Good Mythical Morning.
Photography by Dylan Novacek.

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 09:27 pm

Good Mythical Morning hosts and musical-comedy YouTubers Rhett and Link brought their videos to life during their Minneapolis performance Sunday night. As a long time fan of their content, it was surreal seeing them in person. 

You expect to see your favorite band in concert, but not so much your favorite YouTubers. It is a very different experience. For many, internet personalities become like a close friend. From listening to their videos over long work days to getting to know their personal lives, it’s like they are a part of your daily routine. 

Rhett and Link Minneapolis
Photography by Dylan Novacek.

What made their performance special was their connection to the fanbase, entitled the Mythical Beasts. They shape their content around the community of fans who gather around their videos. This tour is a labor of love for the fanbase. 

A super fan wearing a Nilla Wafer hat – a reference to their song Nilla Waffer Top Hat Time.

Their performance was primarily a collection of their hilarious musical comedy songs with video style banter in between. Seeing Rhett and Link’s chemistry and improvised bits truly made the night special. My favorite moment is when Rhett dubbed us a city of Skywalkers thanks to our skyway system. 

During the first half of their set, the duo performed folk-style music with unexpected comedic payoffs. Instruments utilized included piano, harmonica, acoustic guitar, and a child’s recorder. One highlight of their set was when they did musical renditions of conversations they overheard. 

The stand out part of the show was the rap section. 

Rhett and Link Minneapolis
Photography by Dylan Novacek

“We dressed how we think rappers would dress. And we probably got it wrong,” proclaimed Rhett and Link as they came on stage in the most ridiculous track suits you could imagine. Now, I am no hip hop critic, but I am pretty sure these guys killed it.

Performing behind a backing track, one wouldn’t expect this level of musicianship and genuine vocal talent from two YouTube comedians. During this section of their performance they did my favorite song: the Nerd vs. Geek rap battle

Opening for them was Link’s cousin Britton Buchanan. Perhaps best known for his appearance on season 14 of The Voice, where he was the runner up, Buchanan treated the audience to a blend of enjoyable folk style jams. 

Britton Buchanan. Rhett and Link performing in Minneapolis. Good Mythical Morning.
Britton Buchanan, Photography by Dylan Novacek.

Being related to a comedian, it was no surprise to see sarcasm and humor infused with his songwriting. My favorite song of his set was the track, “Glad It’s Not Me”. What first came off as a lament about losing a lover soon turned into a funny track about how he was glad he had dodged that bullet. 

Citing Prince as a major influence on him, Buchanan talked about his visit to First Avenue. 

“Prince’s star was the only gold one. I know they painted it gold when he passed away. But, if you told me he just went up there and painted it himself, I would believe it.” 

Covering a Prince track, it was safe to say that Buchanan won over this Minneapolis crowd.

Rhett and Link performing in Minneapolis. Good Mythical Morning.
Photography by Dylan Novacek

The night shaped up to be incredibly enjoyable for longtime fans of YouTube legends Rhett and Link. What made this show stand out against others was the connection they have with their fans that many larger acts fail to capture. It felt like being at a show among friends.

Closing out the night with their song “Friends to the End”, fans left the theater with sore ribs from laughing and wide smiles.

Rhett and Link Minneapolis
Photography by Dylan Novacek

Written by Dylan Novacek

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