Two Door Cinema Club Bring “False Alarm” Tour to Minneapolis

Last updated on September 26th, 2019 at 05:53 pm

Two Door Cinema Club performed an all-ages show at First Avenue on Sunday, September 22nd, promoting their 2019 album, False Alarm.

Ages of attendees ranged from six years old mid-to-late fifties, which was cool to see, especially on a school night.

Red lights and fog created an ominous haze over the stage as concert-goers waited in anticipation. All of the band’s gear was painted red, including their microphones, guitar amps, and drum kit.

A videogame-eske countdown visual begins on a large LED screen, paired with a digitized voice.

Five, four, three, two, one, zero….The band takes the stage as the crowd gives them a warm and roaring welcome.

Two Door Cinema Club
Photo by Hayley Arnold

Singer Alex Trimble struts out in a blue suit with a mustard-colored turtle neck underneath. White converse and a gold peace sign belt buckle top off his get-up.

Above the neck, a pair of triangular sideburns are neatly trimmed to the same length of Trimble’s closely shaved head—a very different hairstyle than what we’ve seen in their recent promotional photos.

Two Door Cinema Club
Photo by Hayley Arnold

The others are also well-dressed, wearing polos and dress pants as if they’d just hopped off their yacht.

Punchy drums and signature staccato guitar riffs lay the groundwork for Trimble’s ear-worm melodies. Hypnotizing visuals display behind them with repeating shapes and patterns.

Two Door Cinema Club
Photo by Hayley Arnold

Three songs in, Trimble takes a break to sip from his cider and express his joy being back in Minneapolis. He speaks with an etiquette that matches his outfit in a voice deeper than I expected, considering the majority of their songs are sung in a higher vocal register.

After a few familiar tunes, Trimble mentions the album they recently released and expresses his excitement to share the new songs, starting with “Dirty Air.”

Two Door Cinema Club
Photo by Hayley Arnold

The crowd moves and bobs with their mouths closed, not yet familiar with the lyrics although the album was released months ago.

A string of new songs is followed up by their popular 2010 track “This Is The Life,” which quickly resurrects the chants of the fans.

Two Door Cinema Club
Photo by Hayley Arnold

Bassist Kevin Baird gets on his microphone to speak for the first time. “Here’s a very, very very old song,” he says. Fans recognize the intro instrumentals to “Something Good Can Work” and explode in sheer excitement. Hundreds of heads swirl around like a swarm of fish in the sea. 

Next, a whiney guitar riff shrieks through the speakers. It’s “Sun,” their final song of the night. The band’s identities fade to black silhouettes in front of an orange sunset on the LED screen behind them.

Two Door Cinema Club
Photo by Hayley Arnold

They give the song one long trashcan ending as fans easily overpower the volume of drums and guitar, their last cheer before the group disappears from the stage.

Admirably, Two Door Cinema Club have stayed true to their sound for over a decade. However, their songs are too similar. This performance felt like one long song.

Two Door Cinema Club Set List:
Undercover Martyn
I Can Talk
Are We Ready? (Wreck)
This Is the Life
Cigarettes in the Theatre
Next Year
Do You Want It All?
Dirty Air
Bad Decisions
Changing of the Seasons
Satisfaction Guaranteed
What You Know
Eat That Up, It’s Good for You
Sleep Alone
Something Good Can Work

Written by Bo Weber

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