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    Minneapolis Quarantine Mixtape Project

    2020 so far has been a tough year for everyone in Minneapolis. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected every clique, group and subculture this city has to offer, including but not limited to the Minneapolis Hip Hop scene. All plans for the future have officially been cancelled, leaving rappers and singers wondering what’s next for their […] More

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    Noah Gundersen Kicks Off LOVER Tour With A Clean Slate

    “There’s so many personal stories (on the album) and people are not relating to my personal story. They’re relating to their own personal story that they hear in the music, which makes them feel less alone, which is such a cool thing to be able to share with people.” ~Noah Gundersen Noah Gundersen has been […] More

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    Song-Telling Tuesday: Junior Choir and the Light of Loss

    “Poetry doesn’t hold any meaning if it’s explained to you.” ~ Jesse Baker Songwriting Junior Choir is a trio of veteran musicians who have played and supported local music for many years. Set to release their debut album this Fall, this DIY rock band has slowly been recording and writing music in their small house. […] More