Roots and Boots Tour Stops at Treasure Island

90s Country Thrives as Kershaw, Tippin, and Raye play to a sold-out event center

Roots And Boots, Collin Raye, Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw

Last updated on April 9th, 2023 at 06:33 pm

The Roots & Boots tour featuring 90’s country stars Sammy Kershaw, Aaron Tippin, and Collin Raye stopped by the Treasure Island Event Center for a sold-out show Saturday night.

If you listened to country radio back in the 90’s, you know the trio. Collectively, they hold nearly 70 top 40 hits, including almost ten that hit number 1.

The night started with the trio hitting the stage and each member singing one of their hits. Kershaw led with “Cadillac Style,” Tippin followed with his “Working Man’s Ph.D.,” and then Collin Raye delivered “That’s My Story.” Both Tippin and Kershaw looked at Raye like he was an idiot as “his story” fell apart.

Each one of the members took turns playing a small set, before playing together at the end of the night.

Roots And Boots, Country, Treasure Island, Sammy Kershaw
Photos By Brett Allen Photography 3-24-23. More Photos atBrett Allen Photography

Kershaw got the nod for the first individual set, playing hit songs “Vidalia,” “Third Rate Romance,” “Queen of My Double Wide Trailer,” and the chart-topping “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.”

The boot-stompin’ good time got turned up several notches when Tippin took his turn, starting fairly quiet with hits like “You’ve Got to Stand for Something” and “Nothing Wrong with the Radio.” Then he opened up a guitar case to reveal his classic stars-n-stripes guitar, leading to the post 9-11 song “Where the Stars and Stripes and The Eagle Flies.”

Aaron Tippin, Treasure Island, Country, Roots And Boots
Photos By Brett Allen Photography 3-24-23

This got the crowd to ratchet the volume to 11, including a thunderous round of boot-stomping starting from the back of the room. It was so loud at times that you could have sworn the rafters were going to collapse.

Tippin then commented and thanked military members for their service, adding that if anyone didn’t like that, they could “Kiss This,” launching into his hit song of that name from May of 2000.

Raye took the stage for the final individual set, substituting history lessons for hits and good times.

Collin Raye, Treasure Island, Roots And Boots, Country
Photos By Brett Allen Photography 3-24-23

He delivered a few of his hits, including “Little Rock,” “Love Me,” and a cover of Phil Vasser’s “Little Red Rodeo.” Raye stopped through part of his set to thank all the fans for coming to see them, noting that 90’s country music is making a comeback throughout the United States. He quipped that the only difference is time and maybe the loss of hair, but “that’s what a cap is for.”

The night wasn’t strictly country, as the trio played hit rock songs from Lynyrd Skynrd and Billy Joel. Raye got a laugh from attempting the classic guitar hop (think AC/DC), then feigning a back injury from too much movement at his age.

Roots And Boots, Country, Treasure Island, Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw, Collin Raye
Photos By Brett Allen Photography 3-24-23

The night ended with Kershaw, Tippin, and Raye playing a wonderful cover of Waylon Jennings’ “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.”

The sold-out crowd proved 90’s country is still thriving, at least when you have 3 big stars for one show. If you get the chance to see them solo or on the Roots and Boots Tour, these musicians surely make it worth your time.

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