Quinn XCII is “Tough” to Beat at Myth

Myth Live was buzzing last night with fans waiting for Quinn XCII to play to the sold-out crowd on his latest run of shows, From Tour With Love. With every song the singer performed accompanied by authentic instrumentation and vibrant production, the packed dance floor couldn’t help but sing and sway along.

Beginning with two incredible opening acts, Christian French and Ashe, the venue vibrated along to the beat of singalong hits such as French’s “By Myself“, and Ashe’s collaboration with Louis the Child, “Right to It.” Both exceptional artists and performers, the two were the perfect opening acts. They warmed up the crowd and got everyone moving before the high energy headlining performance.

Christian French Opens for Quinn XCII on From Tour With Love
Christian French – Photo by Christian Seiler

French’s setlist featured vibes that were a bit more pop influenced than that of Quinn XCII, showcasing his impressive vocals and infectious dance moves with each song. He kept the growing crowd involved, asking present company to pull out their phones and shine flashlights in the air and welcoming everyone to sing along the best they could. Members of the crowd happily obliged as they enjoyed the early sounds from the upcoming artist.

Christain French was followed by a short interlude before the lovely Ashe graced Myth’s stage with her shining presence. The 24-year-old continuously brought high energy to the stage and belted out fan favorite collaborations with Louis the Child and Whethan, as well as fun covers of songs like Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.” Her originals rang out strong, showcasing her breathy range. Speaking to a few fans in the crowd, her sound was well received and reminiscent of other seasoned “mystical pop” artists such as Sasha Sloan, Emily Warren, and Elley Duhé.

Ashe Opens for Quinn XCII From Tour With Love Myth
Ashe – Photo by Christian Seiler

Topping off the awesome line up of artists was the highly anticipated Quinn XCII, opening with “Sad Still.” Boasting more than 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, it was clear that the venue was going to rumble all night long with excited young fans singing along to every word.

Known for his hip hop and reggae influences, the Detroit native played through the entirety of his sophomore album, From Michigan with Love. The crowd chanted loudly along to catchy tunes such as “Abel & Cain“, “Werewolf“, and “Tough.” With colorful, impactful visual production, Quinn XCII captivated his sold-out audience with the help of his quirky dance moves and relatable lyrics. He maintained high energy throughout the performance, showcasing his true entertainment abilities.

Quinn XCII Performs Sad Still on From Tour With Love at Myth Live
Quinn XCII performs “Sad Still” – Photo by Christian Seiler

Unfortunately for EDM fans, Quinn XCII, who is known for working with many artists in the genre, did not perform the multitudes of collaborations he has under his belt. Instead he focused on his latest album and throwback hits, such as ayokay collab “Kings of Summer“. Regardless, he surely did not disappoint, playing tons of the songs fans were hoping to hear and truly capturing his unique voice and lyricism. This show perfectly kicked off the last weekend of spring break here in the Twin Cities.

The accompanying drums and keyboard were practically inaudible over the final thunderous applause and chanting coming from the attendees. Quinn XCII did not let down the lingering crowd with his encore, paying tribute to Prince and crowd surfing swiftly into the night as a mob of fans engulfed him in his final charismatic display.

Quinn XCII Crowd Surfs From Tour With Love Myth
Quinn XCII crowd surfs during his encore – Photo by Christian Seiler

Written by Julieanna Smith

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