Police Have Chris Brown’s Home Surrounded [LIVE VIDEO]


Chris Brown Home

Police have the home of the 27 year old Hip Hop Artist Chris Brown surrounded. Around 3:15 in the morning, police were called to Brown’s home for a report that he threatened a woman with a gun. The victim who was reportedly an actress, who told police Brown pulled a gun from his waste-band and pointed it at her.

She apparently called 911 hysterical and scared. This apparently happened while she was apart of a group that was over at his home looking at some jewelry for sale. Neighbors report that Brown had a small party last night; attendees including other singers and celebrities.


Officials are attempting to make contact with Brown, although he has “barracated himself in his house”. He did answer the door when Police knocked, however he told the police to get a warrant, then shut the door. He has posted videos of himself on Instagram bad mouthing police, seeming intoxicated. Now, those videos have either been deleted by him, or blocked by the Instagram.


The grammy-winning artist is no stranger to getting in trouble with the law. His most notable incident was in 2009; a domestic abuse case with his ex-girlfriend, singer Rihanna. Police are now working to get a search warrant.

Watch live video of the action on Phoenix FOX 10’s Facebook page.



Written by Bo Weber

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