$not’s “Get Busy or Die” Legendary Tour Storms the Fillmore

$not in minneaapolis
$not by Andrew Qualley

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 02:49 pm

Last night, Minnesota’s iconic Fillmore, located in the heart of Minnesota, was home to an explosive lineup featuring the talented artists $not, Night Lovell, DC the Don, and Eem Triplin. The artists were performing for the “Get Busy or Die” Tour.

Fans packed into the venue at one of the earliest start times I have seen, eagerly anticipating the energy and talent that was about to be presented on stage.

Kicking off the night with the first set was DC the Don. Having never heard of any of the opening acts myself, I was pleasantly surprised with the performance and crowd control that they had over Minneapolis fans.

As far as the night went, DC had the most crowd engagement of any of the artists, at one point even jumping into the crowd himself and joining one of many mosh pits formed during the show.

Artists performing at the Fillmore in Minnesota
DC The Don by Andrew Qualley

After a brief intermission, Eem Triplin was up next. A rising star in the rap scene, Triplin became one of my favorite artists to learn about while researching this article.

In an interview talking about his music, Triplin said “It will become more polished as I evolve further, but as for now, I am just doing what sounds good to me.” This is something that resonates with me as a photographer and writer. Artists, as you continue to work on your craft, you will see improvements over time and continue to do better.

Artists performing at the Fillmore in Minnesota
Eem Triplin by Andrew Qualley

Following Triplin was Night Lovell, the enigmatic Canadian rapper. You could feel the crowd getting antsy for $not to take the stage during Lovell’s performance. That just gave him a passion for making the best of his performance possible.

Everyone who performed last night did an amazing job with crowd interaction, Night Lovell appointed a fan in a green vest to open up several mosh pits during his performance, and you could feel the stage shake when fans were in the mosh pit.

Artists performing at the Fillmore in Minnesota
Night Lovell by Andrew Qualley

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived—the headline performance by $not. As soon as he stepped on stage, the crowd erupted into a frenzy.

$not’s unique style, blending elements of trap and emo rap, has struck a chord with fans worldwide, and that was evident in the electric atmosphere inside the Fillmore. From the first note to the last, $not’s performance was a non-stop rollercoaster ride of energy, with fans moshing, crowd-surfing, and singing along to every word.

$not performed a total of 21 songs, the most notable being his viral hits “Doja,” “Immaculate,” and “Tell em.” He even brought some of the openers back on stage to perform a few songs with him.

He gave a very amped performance and did it all while wearing a heavy hoodie on a hot summer day, so I have to give him respect for that.

Artists performing at the Fillmore in Minnesota
$not by Andrew Qualley

To conclude, $not’s performance at the Fillmore in Minnesota was an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance (including ringing ears on the entire train ride home).

This was one of the most jam-packed concerts I have been able to attend. Minnesota fans gave it their all, and I don’t think a single person came out of that venue without a bead of sweat on their forehead from a night packed with movement. Minnesota and I would be glad to welcome any of these artists back again for another show.

Written by Andrew Qualley


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