Nothing But Thieves Steals Show at First Avenue

Nothing But Thieves, Grandson, DEMOB Happy Sell Out 1st Ave


Last updated on September 20th, 2018 at 11:45 am

The end of the week has finally come and it’s time to let loose. The plans are set and the establishment is picked but before you know it everything is awry. Friends are late, and the event let you down like Minnesota professional sports teams.

Bypassing the thoughts of the Meatwad, “Do What Now?” scene, you stitch your crew together and come up with a backup plan. Heading to the favorite “go to” venue (1st Avenue) in hopes of a saving grace. Of course, you get one last middle finger for the night and are hit two words no wannabe concert goer wants to be hit with “SOLD OUT!”

Eventually realizing the night isn’t to be, you crack a local paper to read something which fits your attitude. The winning article is, “Local major corp. is a dick to unions!” Lovely! Before you know it, a guy approaches and is getting more attention than anybody else.

Unwittingly engaging the dude in small conversation as he passes about music, your name ends up on a post-it note. Poof! You’re in a show at 1st Avenue thanks to Nothing But Thieves (NBT) on Friday night.

Nothing But Thieves, Photo: Sara Fish

NBT is a British alternative rock band formed in Essex, England back in 2012. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Conor Mason, guitarist Joe Langridge-Brown, guitarist and keyboardist Dominic Craik, bassist Philip Blake, and drummer James Price.

They grabbed England’s attention after their hit single Itch reached Radio 1 “Track Of The Day.”NBT released their self-titled album Nothing But Thieves in October of 2015 and their sophomore album Broken Machine in September of 2017 with hits being spread all over the video game and show/movie soundtrack universe.

Not being rookies to 1st Ave NBT grabbed the attention crowd with their alternative rock riffs thanks to DEMOB Happy and Grandson. Playing for a solid hour and a half, the crowd never stopped dancing and moshed the whole show.

Grandson, Photo: Sara Fish

Never taking a moment to rest, they closed out the set with “Sorry and eventually come back with an encore performance. Singing right alongside the crowd, NBT showed their love for Minneapolis and 1st Ave. and thanked everyone who came out. I personally, have to thank NBT for putting on one hell of a show which I almost didn’t see.


  1. I Was Just a Kid
  2. Ban All the Music
  3. Wake Up Call
  4. Soda
  5. Broken Machine
  6. I’m Not Made By Design
  7. Live Like Animals
  8. Hanging
  9. Particles
  10. If I Get High
  11. Trip Switch
  12. Forever and Ever More
  13. Afterlife
  14. Sorry


  1. Itch
  2. Amsterdam

Written by Travis Meier

Black coffee drinking traveling photojournalist based in NE Mpls!


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