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Minneapolis Artist TYSM! Releases Catchy New Single “CRASH THE RENTAL”


Upcoming 20-year-old Minneapolis artist TYSM! has released his latest single, “CRASH THE RENTAL” on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal as of November 12th.

TYSM! and Producer Alex Kimball Link Up Again

Collaborating with beloved indie-rock producer Alex Kimball, TYSM! simmers in the feelings of puppy love and desire in this intimate, chilled-out piece. After trying to describe what he felt for so long with this person, he found his feelings coming forward into reality; falling in love felt like crashing…the rental, at least.

Crash the Rental

Inspiration Behind the Track

Describing the insertion behind the track, from TYSM! himself:

“It all started after a recent summer trip to Los Angeles. The idea hit me — quite literally. “CRASH THE RENTAL” came into manifestation after I was in a two-way car crash with some friends in Melrose, California. Sparked with inspiration, I sat down and wrote the song on the curb, while my friends dealt with anxious insurance claims, lectures from parents, and dreaded tow-truck calls.”

TYSM! by Sawyer Brice

A few weeks later, Elijah approaches his friends and showcases the song: CRASH THE RENTAL, traumatizing them slightly with flashbacks from the small incident.
Nonetheless, the song is a melodic landmark in the progression of the relationships in Elijah’s life shifting for the better, and the sweet chaos of his friends finding a silver-lining within divine timing.

Out Now on All Platforms

CRASH THE RENTAL is part of a 4-part project release on the mayhem behind EGO, detailing the highlights of TYSM!’s progression as a young artist in this hectic world. GO LISTEN to the new track NOW, out on ALL PLATFORMS!

Written by Rees Winga


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