Lucy Rose Vibes Out at the Turf Club

201803 LucyRose 08945
201803 LucyRose 08945

The Turf Club is a very interesting music venue. Smashed right on University Ave near the busy Snelling traffic, you’ll find a rough white and green building. On the outside, it does not look like much. When walking into the venue there is an instant feeling of history and authenticity.

Charlie Cunningham – Photo by Braden Doucette

Charlie Cunningham came onto the stage with only an acoustic guitar. After the first few cords, the crowd slowly inched closer and closer to the stage. As he began to play relaxing music, you could see the audience swaying back in forth to the sound of his voice. An interesting part of his performance was when he quickly mentioned the time he spent in Spain and how that experience influenced him to play a song with a Spanish style.

Lucy Rose – Photo by Braden Doucette

Shortly after an interlude, Lucy Rose walked onto the stage and instantly had everyone’s attention. Lucy Rose has been a rising star within the Indie music scene since early 2012. While signed to Columbia Records, several songs from her debut album Like I Used To have appeared on the TV show Skins as well as The Vampire Diaries. After releasing two more albums, Rose was featured on the track “Innermission” from Logic’s 2015 album The Incredible True Story as well as his most recent album Everybody on the track “Anziety.”

Lucy Rose – Photo by Braden Doucette

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