Louis the Child’s Euphoria Tour Lives Up to its Name

Louis the Child and 8,000 adrenaline-fueled fans partied late into the night on Thursday, as the DJ duo travelled to The Armory for their Euphoria Tour. The Chicago-based group (made up of Robert Hualdren, 23 and Frederic Kennett, 23) are well known for their psychadelic electro-pop tracks that seem to effortlessly put you in a better mood. With millions of streams recorded on Spotify alone, the young duo are already bonafide stars.

Genre-Defying Sounds

You generally know a Louis the Child song when you hear one. For example, the sliding bass drops, singable melodies, audio gaps that make you think your heart stopped. But don’t try to box them in; the duo defines their sound as ever-changing, commenting in an 2018 Insomniac article that “Genres are whatever you want them to be, however you decide to view them. For some they don’t exist.” For Louis the Child, this is spot-on.

Over the years, they have worked with artists from all genres, including Ty Dolla Sign/Joey Purp (hip-hop), Bea Miller/Wafia (pop), and other genre-defying artists like Quinn XCII. If you were to google their “true” genre, it would say “dance-pop electronic future bass” (basically, it it makes you want it dance). Because they can reach across so many genres, Louis the Child has made fans in the EDM/fave scene all the way to rap and hip-pop. The diverse crowd at the Armory reflected this: many different groups came together to enjoy a night of great music.

Win & Woo shot by Christian Seiler

Win & Woo, another DJ duo, opened up the night at 9pm, and Whethen followed at 10. Whethen is another young DJ (22 years old) and also from Chicago, who cites the same musical influences as Louis the Child (Flume, Madeon). His hour long set is really fun, as the crowd listens to him mix and tweak some of his biggest hits live, like Savage and Superlove.

Whethen by Christian Seiler

A Never-Ending Party

Louis the Child entered the stage around 11:30, with both DJs covered in a splatter of neon paint. If the crowd wasn’t already in a great mood, Louis the Child was there to make sure they were! Constantly jumping and moving around on stage, the duo kept up with the crowd as the sea of fans waved back and forth and as the music pumped through the massive speakers throughout the Armory. Everyone was just having an absolute blast, listening to adrenaline-fueled songs like “Blasé” and “Every Color”.

Time truly seemed to move differently from then on, as each track seamlessly transitioned into the next. One minute I stopped jumping to take a breath, and it was suddenly 12:30AM. The party never ended, as Louis the Child began to cycle through their hits like “Little Things” and “Better Not”. Smiles everywhere, people having so much fun- what a great time! The night ended with a massive dump of confetti over the crowd, with Louis the Child bowing to the crowd in appreciation.

Louis the Child shot by Christian Seiler

Something for Everyone

The Euphoria Tour is just that: a euphoric experience of great music. For those who have never been to an EDM concert or want to get into it more, Louis the Child is the show for you. Like a candy store with endless flavors, there is something for everyone. Positive energy, great sing-a-long tracks, and the ability to teleport you to another dimension of pure bliss. What more could you ask for?

Written by Rees Winga


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