Lee Brice Brings the Party to the Myth

Lee Brice in classic form in Rockin’ Country Set

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Last updated on March 9th, 2018 at 01:33 pm

It’s very unfortunate this show was not sold-out, for anyone who follows country music knows Lee Brice puts on a great show. The mostly-full crowd was absolutely rocking it tonight, making The Myth feel like the place was sold out.

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Warming up the crowd was The Shane Martin Band. If you’ve never seen these guys before, go see them. They put on a solid show with a combination of country, rock, and pop, including both originals and covers of many artists including Mr. Lee Brice himself.

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Shane and the band had the crowd dancing and singing along as they played some original music like “One Man Band”, “Just Me Missing You” and, off the latest release, “Keepin’ The Night Alive.” My favorite part of the night was a combination of his song “Whatever Floats Your Boat” and a cover of Alabama’s “Mountain Music.”

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Lee Brice opened his set the with the beautiful honky-tonking song “Picture Of Me” before rolling into fan favorites “That Don’t Sound Like You” and “Hard To Love.” Then he slowed it down for a moment so all the guys could sing “A Woman Like You” to all the girlfriends and wives.

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The crowd was fully engulfed as Brice dug in with a cover of The Eli Young Band’s “Crazy Girl,” saying ‘us guys always do stupid stuff’ (true) and this is why we have all those ‘Crazy Girls.’ Then he raises a toast to the crowd in “Drinking Class” and the song “Beer!” And just as he had raised the bar for the crowd, he brought them back down in the always beautiful tribute to the military, “Drive My Truck.”

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Finally, ramping it up for the rest of the night, the crowd was treated to a fantastic drum solo, a rousing rendition of Aerosmith‘s “Sweet Emotion” and the party favorite “Parking Lot Party.”  The night ended with the crowd screaming back at him during “I Don’t Dance.” He may not dance, but Lee Brice does keep everyone entertained. Whether it’s classic country, rock, or just some good old boot stomping, he mixed in a little bit for everyone.

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