Kid Rock Always Entertaining At Treasure Island Casino

Kid Rock, Rock, Music In Minnesota, Treasure Island, Country
Kid Rock Plays To A Rainsoaked Treasure Island Crowd

Last updated on August 19th, 2019 at 11:56 pm

Let’s face it, just as many people hate Robert James Ritchie (AKA Kid Rock) as those who love him! That’s ok on either side, either way, Kid Rock will happily tell you he doesn’t give a F***.

A Thousand Horses, Treasure Island, Music In Minnesota, Southern Rock, Country
A Thousand Horses Opening Up For Kid Rock at Treasure Island on August 10, 2019

Starting out the evening to a smaller crowd was the band A Thousand Horses, a southern rock band with a flair for the country side of music. This band has a couple of hits in “Drunk Dial” and their megahit “Smoke,” off the Southernality Album.

Kid Rock, Treasure Island, Music In Minnesota, Rock, Country
Kid Rock At Treasure Island Aug 10, 2019, Photo Credit: Treasure Island

Kid Rock surprisingly started the show with his last top 40 hit, “All Summer Long,” the song that blended Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama’ and Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves Of London”

One thing that Rock definitely is — He’s a showman. Even if it’s a little hammy at times, or in this case, chicken, Rock puts on a show. He switched hats and uniforms several times throughout the night, with a highlight being a KFC Bucket (just like Artist Buckethead has been known to do) and switched into a cowboy hat to let the audience know his hit song “Cowboy” was about to start.

Rock expertly combined several genres of music, whether it was doing a cover of Tom Petty’s “I Need To Know” or paying homage to Motown with a cover of Sly And The Family Stone’s “Everyday People.” Of course, his combination of rap and metal was on prominent display in songs like “Devil Without A Cause” and the final song of the night, “Bawitdaba,” which was sung with a different purpose, or at least a different feeling to it.

Rock, who tends to get in trouble for his mouth at times, has been at it again! Or so it seems since people had been mocking him the day before the show for going after Taylor Swift on her LGBTQ stance. Rock states, “You may have heard people talking about me! 3 things you should know! 1. I don’t give a F*** 2. I don’t give a F*** and 3. They never met a Motherf***er like me!” That, of course, led into his song, “You Never Met A Motherf***er Like Me”.

As the video introduction to the song “Born Free” insisted, the only party that matters isn’t red or blue, it’s the party that was going on at the concert.

When you’re at a Kid Rock concert you can expect politics to come into play, but thankfully that was not the case tonight! I, just like so many people, am so sick of all the Politics from both sides. We don’t want to hear it. Amazingly, the only thing political was a few people wearing MAGA shirts.

Once the rain let up, about halfway through the concert, it was all about the music and maybe an adult beverage or two. Politics didn’t come into play… and that’s the way it should be, just enjoy the music you came to see.

On a side note: if you are coming to Treasure Island for an outdoor concert at the Amphitheater, plan on arriving early. With the layout, and not having many ways in and out, entrance into the show was taking up to an hour. Likewise, when leaving, the traffic to get out is slow, expect a delay there also. Tonight, between the large crowd and the rain, everything was a little slow. Most of the time getting in and out of the venue is at least semi-smooth. Not today. But I’ll gladly take it being a little slow at times for security reasons.

Kid Rock Set List:

  1. All Summer Long
  2. Son Of Detroit
  3. So Hott
  4. Johnny Cash
  5. Wasting Time 
  6. Devil Without A Cause
  7. Cowboy 
  8. Po-Dunk
  9. Everyday People (Sly And The Family Stone Cover)
  10. You Never Met A Motherf***er Quite Like Me
  11. American Bad Ass
  12. I Need To Know (Tom Petty Cover)
  13. Picture
  14. Rock N Roll Jesus
  15. Only God Knows Why
  16. Video Intro To Born Free
  17. Born Free
  18. Bawitdaba


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