Jamila Woods and Nitty Scott Take on the Turf Club

Nitty Scott was a dream of an opener, setting the stage for Jamila Woods with a graceful confidence and palpable energy that invigorated her audience. She spoke and sang frequently about her proud Afro-Latina roots, instilling a complexity to each song that signaled to something outside of the Turf Club walls.

Rapping pieces from her latest album, Creature!, you could tell Nitty Scott was ready for anything and grateful to be there. That aura, combined with her biting vocals and magnetic, warm stage presence, made it clear that she’ll be around for a while.

Chicago-native Jamila Woods nearly floated onto stage, carried by a kind of palpable joy. Her crowd erupted into cheers, which conjured a smile that almost never left her face. Makeup-free and wide-eyed, Woods was hard to look away from.

Jamila performed hits like “Zora” and “Stellar,” presenting strong vocal abilities fueled by an undeniable inner strength. Her earlier work with Chance the Rapper may have put her on the map, but her bold and thoughtful music is sure to keep her there. Something tells me that Jamila Woods and Nitty Scott won’t be Turf Club acts for very long…

Written by Juliet Farmer


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