Illenium entertains a sold-out “Fallen Embers Tour” in Minneapolis

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021 at 04:33 am

On the last stop of his latest tour, EDM artist, ILLENIUM graces the Armory in Minneapolis with his presence.

ILLENIUM’s music has a way of piercing the silence within ourselves. Sometimes people relate ‘’EDM’’ with just “noise” but within the flashing lights, and heavy bass drops, there is a special sense of awe that collides with our internal silence. 

Illenium Tour Minneapolis

All the emotions and memories a song can bring impact us to the core and brings to the surface what is loud inside, which we often aren’t aware of.

ILLENIUM’s songs are a mesmerizing mix of intense emotional sound with deep-rooted messages, it’s clear that Nick wanted to bring certain captivated responses to his music in the way he crafts his songs, lyrics, and visuals.

Illenium Tour Minneapolis

During his show, it was apparent that there was this oneness in the crowd. Everyone had this sense of creative freedom to be themselves. Clearly, ILLENIUM fans are not an intimidating crowd, but a warm family united by a deep connection with themselves, being displayed in many different ways.

Illenium Tour Minneapolis

The whole atmosphere brought me the feeling of journeying to the unknown in search of life’s meaning, and somehow, we were all together in it and ILLENIUM’s songs provided part of the answers. 

The production behind the concert had most people awe-struck. In his ‘’Fallen Embers Tour – Ep. 1 (Making of the Show)’’ he talks about how he and his team focused on bringing the music’s journey to life by carefully going through each song and transition in order to bring an experience that was quite unlike anything the ILLENIUM fan past has ever experienced.

Illenium Tour Minneapolis

Nick said he wanted to tell a story of the embers throughout the show and bring new life to what he was trying to tell.

And as someone that was present at the show, they went far and beyond what they hoped to do.

Everything was perfectly timed, and the story that ILLENIUM was telling with his music was one that brought a sense of hope in a world full of darkness.

Illenium Tour Minneapolis

Minnesota was his last stop for his Fallen Embers Tour – after which, he will be traveling sparingly doing a few shows at music festivals, but mostly getting some much-needed rest.

ILLENIUM if you are reading this, thank you from all of us! You transcended our expectations.

-Written by Natalia Bisogni da Silva and Tanner Schaaf

Written by Andrew Qualley


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Illenium Tour Minneapolis

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