Hippo Campus First Ever Interview

Minnesota indie locals, Hippo Campus

Hippo Image Dispayer
Hippo Image Dispayer

Last updated on May 9th, 2019 at 05:25 pm

Before Hippo Campus took the stage for The Current/ Radio K’s “Best New Bands Of 2014” Event, they took some time with Music In Minnesota to introduce themselves to our viewers. Click here to watch Hippo Campus perform “Little Grace and “Souls” live at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Full Hippo Campus Interview Here


What we learned from Hippo Campus

  • The oldest member of the group is guitarist Nathan Stocker (currently 20 years of age)
  • All of the members attended the Saint Paul Conservatory For Performing Arts High School
  • Jake Luppen took time away from his studies at University Of Minnesota to tour with the band
  • Their parents are extremely supportive with their music
  • The only show they have ever played outside of Minnesota was in Beliot, Wisconsin
  • The only member who has not broken a bone is their bassist
  • They invented a frisbee game called Privy Toss
  • They are a pretty fun group of guys

Written by Bo Weber

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