Twin Sisters And Their Rock Band: Courage My Love

Courage My Love
Courage My Love

Last updated on April 19th, 2015 at 10:28 pm

Canadian sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn began writing music together at the age of 14 year old. Three years later, Warner signed them onto their roster of bands, and they began their journey as they took their act to the next level. Now 21, the twin sisters explain how their parents are never too far away. Their father drives them to every concert they book, including the whole route of Warped Tour 2014, which is no small task, (even for a professional driver). Their mother also tags along, selling merchandise behind a table in the back of the room at each show. How awesome is that!?

In our interview, Mercedes and Phoenix share a bunch of fun stories from their past, and even give advice for bands looking to get further into their careers as musicians. And, it’s only Music In Minnesota tradition to end the interview with their signature dance move!

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Summary of What We Learned About Courage My Love:

  • Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • Worked at their parents’ restaurant
  • Mercedes broke her wrist while working at the restaurant
  • Their Parents actively tour with the band
  • Started music when they were 14
  • Became homeschooled once music became a serious career
  • Signed by a major label when they were 17 years old
  • The girls are twin sisters – Born on Halloween (Spookyyy)
  • Bassist’s old band was ironically named The Twin
  • A judge at a battle of the bands they were competing in decided to manage them
  • Owned pet hedgehogs and goldfish (including a Chinese fighting fish named Wanda)

Written by Bo Weber

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