Go Show 9: DeJ Loaf Draws Heavy Crowd To Minneapolis [REVIEW + PHOTOS]

201710 BradenDoucette GoShow9 DejLoaf 9345
201710 BradenDoucette GoShow9 DejLoaf 9345

A firm female-established crowd lined the door for Go Show 9 was equally stacked with an all-female venue. Spoken from the host, Sophia Eris, catering to the atmosphere, “Women can do the same thing men can do… sometimes better.”

Photo by Braden Doucette

The event opened with their all-lady cypher, Manch1ta, Angel Davanport, Gloria Esa, Destiny Roberts, Jamie Powers, and Zed Kenzo. Each with their own style, they captivated the crowd. Sophia Eris remained on stage with the ladies, as they engulfed the energy from each other.

Photo by Braden Doucette

The ardent local artist from Saint Paul, Lexii Alijai followed. Alijai was originally exposed from her YouTube and SoundCloud account.  She opened with “Love Sucks” and Miss Jackson both from her recent release in September titled, Growing Pains.

Photo by Braden Doucette

Raven Felix was not only an artist to follow on stage but also one on Instagram. With her fan base of 110,000, she came out on stage with much support. Originally from California, she brought us back to her roots with a few of her older tracks Party Get High” and others. Felix left with a taste of her new Valifornication album.

Jessie Reyez was a crowd favorite off the bat. The initial tone in her energy was calm and then revealed it gradually. Reyez spoke on the meaning behind many of her songs, many of them tangled in emotion.

Photo by Braden Doucette

Inspired to pursue music by her father, she teared up before beginning, Great One”. Leaving us with anticipation, she unveiled her new song to be released in two weeks. Following, Figures” was revealed as a song she wrote after her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. Reyez left the stage, and the audience was chanting. After a few moments, she came back on stage and started dancing. Her last song was Blue Ribbon,” from her current 2017, Kiddo, album release.

Photo by Braden Doucette

Dej Loaf, one of the most successful female artists in the industry headlined. Loaf opened strong with her featured song “Post To Be” with Omarion. Fitting to the heavy female audience, she speaks to young females, “Don’t fall in love, live life, don’t worry about a guy who treats you bad. Be a young girl and embrace life, enjoy it, don’t get caught up being in love with a guy that doesn’t care about you.”  She invited a few select women from the crowd on stage, exposing the energy Loaf creates among listeners. She finished flawlessly with her lead single “No fear.”

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