Elon Musk just dropped an EDM song called “Don’t Doubt Your Vibe”

He burst into the electric car industry, built his own aerospace company, and now he’s taking over rap music.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just released an EDM banger on Soundcloud called “Don’t Doubt Your Vibe,” which already has a million streams and counting. The discography features his recent creation, the Cybertruck, shown floating in space.

Elon also temporarily changed his Twitter name to E “D” M and updated his bio to say “Born 69 days after 4/20”.

This is the second musical release we’ve seen from Musk. On Saturday, March 30th 2019, he released a tropical, autotuned rap song called “RIP Harambe,” tweeting it out to his 25.5 million Twitter followers.

In the song he repeatedly references the Cincinnati zoo gorilla who was shot and killed in 2016.

We’re not quite sure what has inspired Musk to persure a venture in music (probably the devil’s lettuce), but whatever his intentions, he’s got our attention.

Listen to the tracks and let us know in the comments if you dig his vibe!

Written by Bo Weber

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