Low Cut Connie – Photo by Kathleen Ambre

Could Barack Obama and Elton John be Wrong?: Low Cut Connie at First Avenue

On the eve of the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, Low Cut Connie leader channels Freddie Mercury at First Avenue

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 09:50 pm

Low Cut Connie are coming dangerously close to becoming the next big thing.

Elton John loves them so much that he sang their praises at his last show in their hometown of Philadelphia, in addition to interviewing them for a podcast. Barack Obama put their “Boozophilia” on his 2015 Spotify playlist, and followed it up by inviting them to the White House.

So yeah, to say they come highly recommended is an understatement. The question is: are they worth the hype?

Low Cut Connie at First Avenue 11/1/18
Photo by Kathleen Ambre

The band is propelled by frontman and songwriter Adam Weiner. His stage presence channels Jerry Lee Lewis, Freddie Mercury, and Bruce Springsteen. The entire show had an epic E-Street Band sort of feel, from the impressive tightness of the band to his Boss-like energy.

It’s difficult to balance being a showman and doing the songs justice, but Weiner pulled it off. Even as he ran and jumped around onstage, engaged with the audience, and played his piano with one foot on his stool and the other in the air, he never lost sight of a song or missed the impact of a big chorus.

Low Cut Connie at First Avenue 11/1/18
Photo by Kathleen Ambre

And, my goodness, can this man write a big, catchy chorus.

The show was full of them, beginning with their latest single, “All These Kids are Way Too High.” The song is a microcosm of their music, infusing a back-to-basics, 70s rock n’ roll approach with a crazy amount of energy.

After an early appearance of their signature song “Boozophilia,” the setlist leaned heavily on their 2017 album Dirty Pictures (part 1) and its 2018 follow-up. The singalong choruses of each song made them all feel like huge hits, especially “Revolution Rock n’ Roll,” “Beverly,” and the Stones-y strut of “Dirty Water.”

The encore began with a new song, “Wild Ride,” which stopped just short of being anthemic. They followed that with a wild take on Tom Petty deep cut “Free Girl Now” before ending with an extended version of Prince’s “Controversy.”

Low Cut Connie at First Avenue 11/1/18
Photo by Kathleen Ambre

It is fitting that, right before the release of the highly anticipated Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, we get treated to a band whose leader channels Mercury’s spirit in his stage presence (even if his music is more Springsteen and Petty than Queen).

Low Cut Connie may or may not be the next big thing, but they are worth the hype. Evidently Elton John and Barack Obama were onto something.

Written by Erik Ritland

Erik Ritland is a songwriter, musician, journalist, and podcaster based in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s released over a dozen albums since 2002, most recently Old Dog Almost Gone (2021), the first-ever multimedia album, and his latest collection of all original material, A Scientific Search (2020). During his 15+ years as a music journalist, Erik has written hundreds of articles for Music in Minnesota, Something Else Reviews, his own blog Rambling On, and more. In addition to continuing his music career, Erik currently runs The Cosmic American, a music journalism website, and is the editor of Music in Minnesota.


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