Copycats Media is Opening Minnesota’s First Vinyl Record Plant

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On the cusp of Record Store Day, Copycats Media delivered massive news for the vinyl world. As the largest CD manufacturer in America, Copycats have been slowly ramping up the past 7 years on its other physical product, vinyl. With the demand higher than ever and supply chains squeezed to the max, this Plymouth based company will help to elevate frustrations for artists.

“No one should have to wait 10 months for a record to be pressed. That sucks. It’s going to be nice to not only offer this and do more, but really just help the whole industry and be even more part of that community,” President Justin Kristal shares.

Photo by Copycats Media

Vinyl sales have increased steadily over the past decade, with Record Store Day as a prime example of the surge in demand. Last year alone sales increased 61% to $1 billion, the highest since 1986. Although Copycats has been offering vinyl options with a partner in New Jersey, bringing that service home will only increase the hometown pride Justin Kristal has in helping out Minnesota artists.

“I’ve been in this music community for a long time, working at Down in the Valley for 6 years, and playing music. It’s super exciting to be a part of something like this. We’re bringing something that people love and are passionate about to the state.”

The announcement is only the beginning of the process as the virgin PVC wax will make it’s way into the space, processes for stamping and cooling the records need to be standardized, and all the systems geared before the orders can start rolling in.

Photo by Copycats Media

The new Maple Grove warehouse spans over 65,000 square feet and will soon be home to 4 brand new presses. Starting specifically with black vinyl, Copycats wants to ensure they are putting the best quality products out, then diversify into colored variants. For smaller artists they will continue at runs at a minimum of 300. Any less than that and the costs are just too high to justify the work.

Photo by Copycats Media

Justin states he’s unsure of how many new jobs this will add to the company, as discussions on how many shifts they can run each day. One thing is for certainly, they didn’t buy a brand new 65,000 square foot building to only house 4 presses. There is intent to increase production in the future.

Photo by Copycats Media

Tomorrow as you wake up early and stand in line to snag a prized piece of vinyl, consider that although Copycats has done something for each and every Record Store Day (this year its the Tegan and Sara release) next year it will feel different buying something you know was pressed right here in Minnesota.

Photo by Copycats Media


Written by Smouse

Having spent 13 years recording and producing Minnesota artists, along with running a small record label, Smouse is a passionate advocate of musicians and artists in Minnesota.


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