COIN joins Fitz and The Tantrums at the legendary First Avenue

Last updated on August 13th, 2019 at 01:53 pm

Walking into First Avenue on Saturday night, I knew that the crowd was going to have a wide range of ages. The fans ranged from kids under eighteen to sixty-year-old dads. At seven thirty, when the doors had barely opened, there was a line wrapped around the venue.

COIN at First Avenue
Photo by Emma Roden

The energy from the long line followed into the large crowd formed around the main stage.

From the first second COIN appeared on the stage to the second they left, the crowd did not stop jumping and singing all of the lyrics.

After a couple of songs, including a brand new song called “Crash My Car,” Chase Lawrence screamed into the crowd:

Minneapolis, more specifically First Avenue! It is so great to be with you right now!

COIN at First Avenue
Photo by Emma Roden

Between mini-rants about how thankful they were to play in Minneapolis, they played their popular song, “Hannah.”

To top off their performance, Chase even got into the photo pit and hung out with the crowd during their last song. The amount of love that the front row had for him in those few minutes was beautiful to watch.

COIN at First Avenue
Photo by Emma Roden

After COIN left the stage, I didn’t think the crowd could get any wilder. I was wrong.

Fitz and The Tantrums entered the stage and the crowd was crazier than they were before. Even Michael, the lead singer, mentioned how the crowd knew every word to the songs and that they were their favorite crowd to play for so far.

Right after they played their popular song “123456,” Michael started to tell a story about their history with Minneapolis.

Fitz and The Tantrums at First Avenue
Photo by Emma Roden

They were driving around the city earlier on Saturday and were remembering back to ten years ago when they first played in the Twin Cities.

It was the middle of January and they were sleeping in their old beat up bus when the radiator froze and they woke up freezing. Six months later, they played at the historic Basilica Block Party and it was one hundred degrees.

Remembering the one hundred and twenty-degree change in weather, and in the kindest voice, Michael said to the crowd, “What the hell is up with this city?”

Although, if you’re from Minnesota, you know this weird weather is just normal for us.

Fitz and The Tantrums at First Avenue
Photo by Emma Roden

As they continued to hype the crowd up and party on the main stage, they played classics such as “Handclap,” “I Need Help!” and “Fool”.

To add onto the fact that Fitz and The Tantrums made the crowd jump and dance like the night was never going to end, they also had confetti and smoke at the end of their set.

This really ended the show with a bang and made the crowd reluctant to leave the dance floor.

To catch COIN on tour, you can go to their website and purchase tickets for any of their shows leading up to November 2nd.

Also, Fitz and The Tantrums are on tour until August 16th. So if you would like to see them on tour make sure to go to their website and purchase tickets ASAP.

Written by Anna Paulson


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