Set It Off, Emarosa, Broadside, And Selfish Things Play Sold Out Show At The Garage

Set It Off does hand motions to his songs at The Garage venue
Set It Off - photo by Renee Jones

Last updated on December 17th, 2021 at 03:16 am

Friday night The Garage in Burnsville played host to a sold-out show featuring Set It Off, Emarosa, Broadside, and Selfish Things as Part 3 of The Midnight World Tour rolls through North America.

Wow, my first show review with Music In Minnesota! It’s so fitting that it would be at The Garage, the place I would sneak off to as a kid to try and see all my favorite bands.

I got to the venue early, way early, as I’m known to do. I was nervous and excited, it was my first time back at The Garage in years. What if it’s different now that I’m not a 17 year old going to see The Semester?


selfish things sings plays guitar at garage burnsville
Selfish Things – Photo by Renee Jones

I went inside, gave my name to the lady at the box office, and then went to the main room where I stood awkwardly near the back, next to the soundboard.

About half an hour later a group of four guys got on stage, picked up their instruments, and started playing. “Hey guys, we’re Selfish Things.”

I audibly said “Selfish who?” I was expecting the opener to be Lizzy Farrall, but I quickly realized that I was looking at the wrong show poster. Or maybe one that wasn’t updated? Lizzy was, apparently, having visa troubles.

Nevertheless, Selfish Things had a great set. The band played with energy and their slightly-rough-around-the-edges Canadian punk rock really set the tone for the show.

They had a couple of songs in their set that incorporated piano, which I thought really rounded out their performance. They also announced they’re coming out with a new album in “November-ish.”

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for that. This is a band I plan to keep tabs on.

You Already Know: Broadside Killed It

Broadside plays at The Garage in Burnsville MN
Broadside – photo by Renee Jones

Broadside came on next, and they came to PLAY! This is a band that definitely knows how to bring energy to a crowd, and they can do it without sacrificing their sound.

I was wondering how Renee was doing taking pictures with how much everyone was jumping around…

They played two new songs that they released last month: “Empty” and “King of Nothing.” Both are really solid songs and their high energy fit in perfectly with the set.

They also played a song called “Laps Around a Picture Frame,” which I had never heard but is definitely a new favorite of mine, along with “Coffee Talk,” which they also played.

I really can’t say enough about the energy Broadside brought with them. If you’re sleeping on this band then it’s time to wake up.

Utah, But I’m Taller

Emarosa sings packed crowd The Garage Burnsville
Emarosa – photo by Renee Jones

Friday night’s show also brought another first for me: seeing Emarosa live. Emarosa has been around since about 2006, and I really liked their hardcore stuff. Since then, the band has gone through some changes.

I wasn’t disappointed at all though. I haven’t really kept tabs on them recently, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pretty confident there would be no screaming or breakdowns.

Emarosa’s new sound is very pop heavy, complete with synths, 80’s/90’s drums, and bright guitars and bass lines. They execute this new sound extremely well in their live show and I found it very entertaining.

The band also clearly knows the importance of putting on a good show. Bradley (vocals) was dressed in a leather jacket and a t-shirt with an airbrushed cat and his name on it. Can’t beat that combo.

At one point he put Matthew (guitar) on his shoulders and walked into the crowd. Later he flipped Robert (bass), cartwheel style. Never seen that before at a show.

If you’re looking for a more dancy, catchy, poppy band to see then definitely check these guys out. And if you haven’t checked on them in a while, give their new album Peach Club a spin.

Set It Off……And Leave It Off

Set It Off lead singer Cody Carson plays piano
Set It Off – photo by Renee Jones

Guys I’ll be honest with you, If you’re looking for a review where I say Set It Off just blew me away and changed my life forever and I was scream crying out of pure bliss, this is not that review.

Set It Off came onstage to a chanting crowd and, for me, there were many questions from start to finish.

Why is there only one guitarist and no bassist? If there’s only three of you then why did it take so long to set up? Why is the crowd singing more clearly than the vocalist? Are you really trying to rap right now bro?

It was all smoke and mirrors. The band played to pre-recorded tracks pumped over the speakers, which at times seemed to be playing louder than the instruments.

The guitarist didn’t have the energy level I expect in a live performance, and at one point I saw the drummer nodding his head out of time which I still can’t wrap my brain around.

The number of angsty songs was also a turn-off. I started to wonder how much bitterness these guys were internalizing. It was like watching a live performance of an annoying Facebook status.

I could go on, but I’m tired of thinking about it. I will say a large portion of the crowd did seem into it, and the show did sell out. So kudos for that, I guess. They just seem like an angry knock off of PVRIS.

Written by Chris Hall


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