27 Celebrities Who Look Younger Than They Actually Are

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Most people look their age, some look older, and then there’s the prized group that manages to look years younger than their real age. Many celebrities seem to have dipped their toes in the fountain of youth.

If you want to learn more about celebrities who look young, you’re in the right place. Get comfortable as we discuss 27 famous people who look years younger than they are.

1. Jennifer Lopez

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First on our list of celebrities who look young is Jennifer Lopez, a singing and acting powerhouse who has always looked young. She’s 54 but looks at least a decade younger than her actual age. Sometimes we even forget that she’s over 40! 

2. Jared Leto

jared leto on the red carpet in a white suit
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Lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars and a prominent actor in Hollywood, Leto has kept his youthful appearance through the years. Leto is 51 years old but holds the appearance of a rowdy mid-20s young adult.

3. Samuel L. Jackson

samuel l jackson on the red carpet wearing a buret
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Samuel L. Jackson has been on the screen for so long that many seem to have forgotten just how old he is. With the energy and the nearly wrinkle-free complexion he holds, most would be shocked to learn the actor is 74 years old.

4. Andrew Garfield

andrew garfiels at a premiere in a suit
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Next on our list of young-looking celebrities is Andrew Garfield, an actor who skyrocketed to fame after starring in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. He’s been creating movies ever since, doing such a good job audiences forget that his 25-year-old face is actually 40 years old.

5. Victoria Beckham 

victoria beckham in a black dress arriving for an event
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Victoria Beckham sports a unique look, offering a timeless appearance without revealing she’s 49 years old. Many attribute her appearance to her ingestion of several different vitamins daily. We aren’t sure exactly what these vitamins are, but they sure do work! 

6. Eva Mendes

a close up of eva mendes' face
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Eva Mendes is 49 years old, but you’d assume she was a woman in her late 30s. The accomplished actress uses her appearance to her advantage in the films she does. We do think she has had some plastic surgery in recent years, however, which may have helped her maintain her youthful looks!

7. Nicki Minaj 

nicki minaj on stage in a sparkly dress singing
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Next on our list of celebrities who look young is Nicki Minaj, rapper extraordinaire. She looks very similar to her younger self at the age of 40. We attribute this to her fiery personality and the fact that she still dresses like she’s got it–and she does!

8. Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani facts
Gwen Stefani at the 2015 American Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, USA on November 22, 2015. Image from Shutterstock.

Gwen Stefani looks about the same age as she did when she first appeared in the music industry in 1992. The singer is 53 years old and has kept much of her youthful glow from that time. Gwen reports that her ageless beauty is thanks to her discipline and simple beauty routine, though she said falling in love late in life also helped!

9. Thomas Brodie-Sangster 

thomas brodie sangster on the red carpet in a suit
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When considering celebrities who look younger than they are, actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster should be one of the first people to come to mind. The baby-faced talent has always looked at least a decade younger than he is, boasting a teenage complexion at 33. 

10. Rihanna

rihanna in a black jacket outside of a house
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When you think of young-looking celebrities, you think of the dewy and glowing skin on the face of singer Rihanna. Although it looks like she recently graduated from her last college course, the talent is 35 years old. It’s almost hard to believe that she’s a mom to two kids!

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11. Angela Bassett

angela basset on the red carpet in a pink dress
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Angela Bassett is an Academy-nominated actress, which could be the secret behind her youth. The address is 65 years old, and still appears to be in her late 40s or early 50s. She reports that her ageless beauty is thanks to her dedicated visits to an esthetician who helps her with skin tightening and moisturizing routines regularly.  

12. Brandy

brandy on the red carpet in a white dress
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Brandy is a singer, songwriter, actress, and model who has looked almost exactly the same for several decades. She’s 44, but if she gets cast in a movie again, it will be for a much younger role. With very little under-eye sagging and almost no lines and wrinkles, we think she could pass for a woman in her 20s!

13. Dolly Parton

oldest musicians still alive today short country singers dolly parton singing on stage
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Next on our list of celebrities who look young is singer and actress Dolly Parton, who maintained her younger looks with a lot of work – which she is proud of. Dolly is 77 years old and ensures everything around her makes her look good, whether in a TV interview or posing for a photo.

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14. Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoon close up photo with a beach backdrop
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Reese Witherspoon has always been short, blonde, and the exact same age – or so it seems. The actress is 47 years old with several children, and yet her various photos reveal a woman who is behind in the aging world. If only we could turn back the clock like Reese has!

15. Bianca Lawson

bianca lawson on the red carpet
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Bianca Lawson is one of the most mind-blowing celebrities on this list, boasting a teenage appearance that helped her gain roles on shows like Pretty Little Liars. Although it might seem like she’s a recent college graduate, Bianca Lawson is 44 years old. 

Bianca attributes her young look to frequent rejuvenation routines and exercises to help prevent wrinkles. 

16. Lenny Kravitz

lenny kravitz on stage with his arms out singing
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Lenny Kravitz is a fashionable singer, songwriter, and actor known for his unique style and ripped, lean muscles. Although the man looks 40 years old at the most, he’s actually 59 years old – on the cusp of his sixth decade on earth. 

Lenny has always looked young, thanks to his skin’s firmness, and while he has aged in the last few years, he is still much younger-looking than his actual age! 

17. Selena Gomez

selena gomez in a red dress on the red carpet
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Next on our list of celebrities who look young is Selena Gomez, who hasn’t changed much in appearance since her time on Disney Channel. This lack of change turned out well for her, as she looks much younger than her actual age of 31 years old.

Selena spends lots of time caring for her skin to prevent premature aging by wearing sunscreen to protect against sun damage and maintaining proper hydration. 

18. Alexis Bledel

alexis bledel attending a premiere
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Alexis Bledel is an actress who will forever have her name attached to Rory Gilmore. That name might be the secret to eternal youth because she doesn’t look a day over 30 at the age of 42. Alexis says her radiant beauty is thanks to her regular skin cleansing regimen. 

19. Christina Aguilera

christina guilera wearing a white dress on the red carpet
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Next on our list of young-looking celebrities is Christina Aguilera, another excellent example of no-aging. She looks much younger than a person nearing their 43rd birthday.

Her face has almost no fine lines or wrinkles, which we suspect may be because of cosmetic procedures (or Botox), but with no visible signs of aging, Christina is definitely doing something right! 

20. Vera Wang

vera wang attending the US womens open
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Vera Wang is one of the most prominent figures in fashion, first working for Vogue and Ralph Lauren before creating her own line of wedding dresses and pushing forward from there. The legend looks like she’s in her 50s, but her birthday is in 1949.

21. Pharrell Williams 

pharrell on the red carpet wearing a baseball cap
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Like Jared Leto, Pharrell Williams is a professional artist who looks like he could be in his mid-20s even though he’s 50 years old. Many speculate his youthful appearance comes from his choice to always wear a large baseball hat, which could detract from signs of the aging process in his skin. 

22. Sofia Vergara

sofia vergara in a black dress on the red carpet looking over her shoulder
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Next on our list of celebrities who look young is Sofia Vergara, an actress who held a starring role in the popular show Modern Family. The professional is 51 years old but looks much closer to 40. Sofia states that she regularly uses an anti-aging retinol cream to help maintain her youthful look. 

23. Avril Lavigne

singers who suffer from a disease avril lavigne holding her arms up in concert
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Avril Lavigne’s pop-punk music style fits the fact that her appearance never seems to depart from teenagehood. She’s 39 years old but could pass for a senior in high school if dressed in the right attire.

Avril tells fans that her skincare routine is minimal. Rather, she focuses on avoiding caked-on makeup, which dries out the skin, and reaches for a high-SPF sunscreen instead. 

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24. Gabrielle Union

gabrielle union on the red carpet
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Next on our list of young-looking celebrities is Gabrielle Union, an actress who’s been around for twenty successful years. Although two decades have passed, Union still looks similar to her early acting days, even at 50.

25. Halle Berry 

halle berry on the red carpet in a black shirt
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Halle Berry is a timeless actress, and it seemed there was a point a few decades ago when the talent seemed to refuse to age any further. Walking by her, you’d assume she was no more than 40, but the actress is 57 years old.

You might be surprised to find out that Halle’s skincare routine is only four steps. She cleanses, exfoliates, puts on a hydrating mask, and then applies a moisturizer- preferably one with lactic acid and collagen.  

26. Shakira

shakira on stage singing facts about shakira
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At 46, Shakira looks 30 years old and continues to keep herself healthy with proper nutrition. The self-proclaimed Queen of Latin Music looks nearly a decade younger than she should be. Shakira attributes her young-looking skin to using Vitamin C serum, taking vitamin E capsules, and always wearing sun protection. 

27. Paul Rudd

paul rudd at a marvel event
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Last on our list of celebrities who look young is Paul Rudd, the classic example of Hollywood A-listers who don’t age. The man is 54 years old but has looked the same for the past three decades of his career onscreen. 

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