16 Crazy Avril Lavigne Facts: How She Was Discovered, Her Heritage, and More

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Avril Lavigne is one of the most unique singers of all time, paving the way for the pop-punk genre in the early 2000s. Although most people know about her incredible singing career, few know more than that.

Take a seat and get ready to enjoy the roller coaster ride as we dive into 16 Avril Lavigne facts.

1. She’s Canadian

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First on our list of Avril Lavigne facts is where she was born – in Ontario, Canada! Most people think the singer is from the United States of America, but she actually grew up in Greater Napanee, a small rural area.

2. She Has a Pizza in Her Honor

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Avril Lavigne has made a massive splash in the world, so it only makes sense that people from her hometown would be proud. One pizza joint even names a pizza after her – the Avril, which boasts her favorite toppings of olives, mushrooms, and pepperoni. 

3. Her Name has French Inspiration

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Avril Lavigne’s name is the French word for April, a unique title given by her father. It’s an uncommon name in the United States, making it a name that would help her stand out in the world.

4. She’s a Songwriter for Others

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Not only is Avril Lavigne an incredible singer and songwriter for her own works but she’s also created masterpieces for other talents. Lavigne wrote “I Will Be” by Leona Lewis and “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson, to name a couple.

5. She Was Discovered in a Bookstore

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Everyone starts somewhere, and Avril Lavigne’s big breakthrough happened when she sang at a Chapters bookstore in Kingston. Her first professional manager, Cliff Fabri, heard the performance, signed her on, and sent videotaped performances to various industry professionals and executives.

6. She’s Rumored to “Not” Be Avril Lavigne?

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There is a surprising conspiracy theory in the world that Avril Lavigne died in 2003 and was replaced by a lookalike clone, Melissa. Fans believe the duplicate wears different things and has taken over her life – spooky! The conspiracy is reminiscent of rumors about Paul McCartney in the 60s. 

7. She Made Ties Popular For Girls

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Avril Lavigne’s signature look contained a loose-fitting tie, and she made the strange accessory popular. Thousands of girls rocked the casual tie look in the early 2000s.

8. She has a Tattoo of Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Name

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Once upon a time, Avril Lavigne dated Brody Jenner and the two got tattoos – she got his name on her ribcage and he got hers on his elbow. Although they broke up, Lavigne has yet to report removing the marking.

9. She Had Lyme Disease

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Next on our list of Avril Lavigne facts is something that isn’t very fun – Lavigne was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in 2014. It kept her lethargic and lightheaded for months, stuck to her bed as she received treatment for the illness. She’s in remission now, but she will have the disease for the rest of her life as there is no cure.

10. She Dropped Out Of School

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When Avril Lavigne was 16, she decided to drop out of high school to move to Los Angeles to focus on her career as a musician. It ended up paying off, shaping her into the incredible artist she is today.

11. She’s Had Two Marriages

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Lavigne has been married and divorced two times. She first married Deryck Whiley from 2006-2010, then married Chad Kroeger from 2013-2015, with neither marriage lasted long for those involved.

12. She Loves Nirvana

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Next on our list of Avril Lavigne facts is one that might not come as a surprise based on her musical tendencies – she loves Nirvana. She loves talking about them and has performed several covers of their music, dedicating each song to the band and their late leader, Kurt Cobain.

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13. She Can Play Several Musical Instruments

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Avril Lavigne’s musical talents began with the guitar. She perfected her skills until she was able to write and perform her own songs. In addition to her singing ability, she can also play piano, drums, and other instruments. 

14. She Grew Up In A Bilingual Home

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Avril Lavigne grew up in a bilingual home, existing in a living space around many types of languages during her childhood years. She even sang one of her singles in seven languages – Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.

15. She Sang With Shania Twain At 15

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Even before she made it big, Avril Lavigne had the chance to sing with the big dogs. When she was 15, she won a radio contest and sang onstage with the legend Shania Twain, whom she honored years later with a cover of one of her best songs at an award ceremony.

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16. She Has A Clothing Line

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Last on our list of Avril Lavigne facts is that she has her own clothing line called Abbey Dawn, which is designed to be nostalgic and in all the best ways. The clothes are edgy, bright, and just might bring you back to the very beginning of Avril Lavigne’s career.

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