Breaking Benjamin: Loud & Unplugged

On one of their final stops of their Unplugged Tour, Breaking Benjamin still got loud at Palace Theatre

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Is it an acoustic show if your ears still ring after the show….Well according to Breaking Benjamin, all bets are off the table. On the first night of measurable snowfall Breaking Benjamin brought their Unplugged 2017 tour to the Palace Theater in St. Paul, MN.

The Palace Theatre, a 2,500-capacity room split between an open, tiered, standing-room general admission floor, and a seated loge and balcony seemed full and eager to see what veteran alternative rock band had in store for the night.


The band opened with their hit So Cold and walked the audience down a classic power setlist, making sure to sprinkle in music from the band’s new studio album Ember, with the surprise of the evening being the appearance of former Three Days Grace’s lead singer, Adam Gontier. Gontier’s return to the center stage electrified the audience as he sang Animal I Have Become and Dance With The Devil.

Breaking Benjamin’s front-man, Benjamin Burnley statement of the night. “Maybe Adam should stay on for the full tour…we’re all a little bit grayer, wider, we all got f@#king old, I’m not bitter about it.”


The band carried a set list consisting of eighteen songs including a great acoustic cover Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains, which Burnley credits as an influence on his band. As on cue, the band closes with The Diary of Jane. With three more dates posted for the Unplugged Tour 2017, expect the same set into the November schedule.

For those who missed the Unplugged portion of the tour, Breaking Benjamin with start it all up again in January with a traditional rock show with Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine.

Set List: St. Paul, MN

  1. So Cold
  2. Angels Fall
  3. Sooner or Later
  4. Blow Me Away
  5. Simple Design
  6. Ashes of Eden
  7. Animal I Have Become (with Adam Gontier)
  8. Dance with the Devil (with Adam Gontier)
  9. Never Again
  10. Failure
  11. Breath
  12. Face in the Light (Keith Wallen song)
  13. Give Me a Sign
  14. Polyamorous
  15. Down in a Hole (Alice in Chains cover)
  16. Until the End
  17. I Will Not Bow


  1. The Diary of Jane

Written by Anna Paulson


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