Ashe Dazzles Skyway Theatre

Yellow-haired flower child Ashe opened up for Whethan at Skyway Theatre over the weekend, her first time performing in Minnesota

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DSC 4915 e1509998478522

I had heard the single “Used To” in it’s stripped form in a coffee shop one Tuesday afternoon. The hypnotic notes and hard piano keys accompanying her voice had me pulling out my phone and looking it up. So when I saw she would be coming to Minnesota I knew I had to see her in person.

Rolling into the Skyway supporting Whethan off their “Good Nights Tour” hits the yellow-haired flower child Ashe. There was a flower pad lit up with lights in the middle of the stage where the crowd was serenaded with her hit “Used to it” and many others.


This being her first time in Minnesota she made sure to give a show we wouldn’t forget. With her set being backed up with live drums, Ashe herself jumped on her keyboard and did a Cover of ” Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi. Let’s just say the Cudder would have been proud of the rendition.

In the background played a screen with a logo with Ashe name in a font that reminded me of Stranger Things which was a cool visual that added a feel of the 80’s to the show.


I honesty can’t wait for more music from Ashe, and hope in the future she will come back to Minnesota again with even more of the same energy she exuded last night. She is definitely an artist to watch for in the next coming months.

Written by Anna Paulson


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