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Author pens a perfect script for initiating goosebumps

7th Street Entry kicks off the New Year with Author, Heart To Gold, and Greentop

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Just over a year has passed since Author released IIFOIIC last January 1st. As the first show at The Entry in 2019, Author presented a tight, driven set of 10 songs to help satisfy your resolution to find new local music.

Author at First Avenue - 7th St Entry
Photo by Colton Reschke

The moment Trevor Bartlett took the stage to open with “Want,” a wave of sound covered the audience. The immediate impact of his brother Cameron Bartlett on drums, along with the harmonies of Zach Zurn, created a polished, pop rock groove. The Entry fit this band incredibly well. The drums sounded tight, deep, and resonated throughout the entire venue. The guitars laid thick on top of the drums, washing feedback, noise, and melodies into each song. Their harmonies easily blended as covers to the perfect bed of dreamy rock music. Authors’ songwriting creates unique atmospheric listening opportunities on each song.

Author at First Avenue - 7th St Entry
Photo by Colton Reschke

Intertwined throughout the night was samples from a computer, a drum machine, and a synthy keyboard. Four songs into their set, “Sonder” displayed an intricate drum part that Cameron orchestrated. “Is It Far Or Is It Close” (IIFOIIC) showcased Trevor on keyboard, building the song bigger and bigger.  Huge guitar swells, vocals, and beating drums climax before the piano lightly ends the song. It was during “Wander” that goosebumps climbed down my arms. A well placed clapping part, woven into the rhythm section, showcased their strong songwriting once again. It’s moments like that that inspire and become memorable.


The trio Heart To Gold played immediately before Author and inspired a small mosh pit in front. The electricity of their punk-pop vocals and heavy guitars complemented the evening very nicely. I’d highly suggest checking out their new album COMP.

Heart to Gold at First Avenue - 7th St Entry
Photo by Colton Reschke

Written by Smouse

Having spent 13 years recording and producing Minnesota artists, along with running a small record label, Smouse is a passionate advocate of musicians and artists in Minnesota.


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