5 Trademarks of a Lucius show

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Last updated on May 26th, 2022 at 08:09 am

Fresh off their 3rd release on Mom + Pop records, Los Angeles based Lucius wrapped off their current tour in Saint Paul at the Palace Theater. With a continually expanding fan-base, Lucius has many attributes that make them unique, powerful, and emotionally bonded to their audience. Looking around the venue, decorated duos dressed in glitter and sequins show just how in sync their music to listeners. Below are 5 trademarks of what makes Lucius extraordinary in their shows.

Photo by Smouse

5. Duality in Fashion

The most obvious trademark of the duo is the aligned outfits they have wore over the years. They bring costumes that glitter, sparkle, and shimmer in the hot lights of the stage. Always tied together Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig synchronize their mojo. Oftentimes with bob cut wigs, Lucius’ cohesive costumes are always a highlight and identify factor of their band.

Photo by Smouse

Tying into that, they love to change costumes during a show. Last night we saw black tentacle dresses layered with sequins and knee high boots. This changed to silver squared reflecting dresses for the encore. As they slowly spun like disco balls to Donna Summers “I Feel Love” at the end of the show, the shards of light reflecting throughout the Palace, Lucius always brings the look.

4. Fan Interaction

A good portion of the set was dedicated to the tribe that Lucius is proud to have. Offering up an affordable VIP experience before the show, they incorporated in super fans that dressed up. Calling three couples to stage before “Dance Around It”, the front became a dance party with rainbow lights and guest vocalist Celisse Henderson slaying through the song. All participants received sashes and crown.

Fans- Photo by Smouse

This interaction is see through their extended gratitude towards the crowd at the end of the show, and even sharing in a birthday song and candle blowout for Holly. This bond continues to be reflected in fans dressing up as Lucius for shows and even for Halloween. Even last light seeing a fan with full leg tattoo of the duo.

Photo by Smouse

A special gift of inviting local duo Cactus Blossoms for an Elvis Presley cover “Can’t Help Falling in Love” added a local interaction to a surprised audience.

3. Stance on Stage

From the very beginning, Lucius has kept their trademark stance of facing towards each other with a single microphone in the middle. We saw this again when they performed “Dusty Trails”. Holly and Jess have a sisterly bond and comfort that is displayed in this stance, helping to harmonize, pause, and dynamically work together.

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Even when not using the single microphone, Lucius turns inward. The quiet and intimate performance of “Two of Us on the Run” saw them facing each other, working through the tight harmonies that they so expertly do.

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2. Soaring Vocals

The number two trademark of a Lucius show is the soaring vocals and blend of the band. “Second Nature”, which they kicked off the show to, is a playful example of this with raising ahhs and interweaving vocals. A stronger example of this was “24”, which brought out the most camera phones last night. Echoing through the venue, their voices filled every seat.

Photo by Smouse

“White Lies” exemplifies this even more in the bittersweet pain behind the lyrics. Their performance silenced the audience, soaking in the emotion and strength in their voices.

“Do I really need a reason
If I have no doubt
Until nothing is left
So let’s just pretend for now
White lies, fine lines, white lies”

1. Evolving Direction of Music

It becomes very easy for a successful band to duplicate each album, following that formula until it dries up. For Lucius, every album has progressively evolved their sound and exploring new paths. Wildewoman is an evocative, sepia-toned flame of ballads that also teases a Santigold-kissed dense R&B vibe. Good Grief followed with earthly folk textures and dramatic 80’s dance-pop.

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While Nudes provided new imagines of covers and mashup, their 2022 release Second Nature is a spaceship into disco-pop and sassy alt-pop. Most of their set dedicated to this new album, songs like “Promises” and “Heartbursts” fit into their catalog with easily providing a new evolution in their sound. This constant progression is a trademark that keeps us always looking forward to what’s next for this band.

Photo by Smouse

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Having spent 13 years recording and producing Minnesota artists, along with running a small record label, Smouse is a passionate advocate of musicians and artists in Minnesota.


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