Top 5 Coronavirus Songs

Quedate en Casa by Ariel de Cuba

Going viral has an entirely new meaning with the current COVID-19 situation spreading all over the world. The virus has created breakout songs all over the globe, with hundreds of artists writing parodies and hand washing anthems.

Considering that drastic change often inspires art, musicians pulling an issue into a song is no new trend. Below are five timely songs that should be spinning on everyone’s playlist.

5.) “Hands” by Jewel

Although the song was released in 1998 and has no direct connection to a pandemic, its lyrics offer comfort. The eerie parallels to the virus start with the title. The opening verse continues to tell us not to worry or be “idled by despair.” As most people have heard this song and can repeat verbatim back the uplifting lyrics, this song sits at number five on the list.

“If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we’re all ok
And not to worry because worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these
I will not be made useless
I won’t be idled with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear”

4.) “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M.

33 years after the release of this classic song, its spike in popularity is clearly inspired by the pandemic. This song even reached the the top 100 on iTunes once again earlier this month. The chorus chants the title, aptly attuned to how the world is ending, yet many of us feel fine. Strangely enough this correlates to how so many coronavirus symptoms can be mild or even nonexistent.

3.) “Coronavirus” by GMAC CASH

What would coronavirus music be without trap music? In just over 2 weeks this video has had over 2.2 million plays. The Detroit rapper offers a bit of humor built into the song. The video features all of the coronavirus go-to’s with plenty of face masks, spraying things down, special foot shakes, and social distancing.

“Ima chill at the crib cuz I’m safe here.
I ain’t even bouta drink me a Carona beer.”

2.) “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry and the Pacemakers

Another song to experience a resurgence of popularity is this show tune from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “Carousel.” Quickly becoming the worldwide anthem for all the healthcare workers, police, and first responders, the video conveys a strong message of unity. We see black and white groups of people gathered together. We need songs like this.

“At the end of a storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark”

1.) “Quedate en casa (Stay Home)” by Ariel de Cuba

This reggae inspired track from Cuban singer Ariel de Cuba has grown in popularity in just over two weeks. The dance-able song already has garnered over a million views on YouTube, inspiring dance videos and even a trending hashtag, #QuedateEnCasa. It’s the perfect message that we want to make viral.

“There is a virus outside and the world is on fire
There is the coronavirus, look at Italians and Chinese
If they don’t take action, we’re screwed
Stay home, it’s for your own good”
The video is shot at home in a small studio with a boy coughing in his elbow. I guarantee after one listening you won’t be able to scrub the song out of your ears.

Honorable Mention – “Quarantined” by Mark Mallman

Minneapolis artist Mark Mallman released this song and music video in March, not intending it to be about the coronavirus. This punk rock song features a Mister Rogers inspired set of a city, with images of Mark in the windows. Although he confessed the song was not written about this pandemic, it’s uniquely fitting as Minneapolis issued a “Stay At Home” order just 10 days later.


Written by Smouse

Having spent 13 years recording and producing Minnesota artists, along with running a small record label, Smouse is a passionate advocate of musicians and artists in Minnesota.


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