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    “Value Our Venues” Fundraiser for Twin Cities Music Venues

    “Value Our Venues” is a Music in Minnesota fundraiser aimed to support eight important music venues in the Twin Cities. Capturing 54 musicians in front of these venues, symbolizing the hundreds more in our city that are waiting to get back inside to perform, your donations will go directly to operational costs. These tax deductible […] More

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    Behind the Glass with Brandon Buttner (Part Four)

    At the very beginning of speaking to Brandon Buttner about his career, he shared that there was one thing that sets him a part from everyone else that moved to Nashville, LA, or New York. He has always planned to move back to Minnesota. There has been an internal desire to bring something back with […] More

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    Coffee Shops Collaborate for a Special Benefit Release

    Five Watt Coffee and Caydence Records & Coffee have joined forces to curate a special compilation of songs to help benefit our music community. This is a chance for any artist to be considered for the collaborate that will be released on CD and limited edition vinyl. All original music and any genre can submit […] More

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    Behind the Glass with Brandon Buttner (Part Three)

    Behind every career are the intangibles that keep us going. We have peers that influence us, internal desires that motivate us, and private goals that drive us forward. For the people behind the glass at studios, there is a completely different set of dreams that the artists have on the other side. It’s not about […] More

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    Behind the Glass with Brandon Buttner (Part Two)

    “All of my big connections today have stemmed back to one or two relationships early on. It’s trickled down from working with this one person, then get introduced to this person and working with them for three years, and so on.” Brandon Buttner Being a producer and engineer requires many hats to wear. For Brandon, […] More

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    Behind the Glass with Brandon Buttner (Part One)

    “I actually still have Minnesota plates on my car and a Minnesota license in my wallet,” claims Brandon Buttner. A resident of Los Angeles for close to 8 years, engineer and vocal producer Brandon Buttner still has some heavy Minnesota ties. When I called his Midwest area-coded phone, we spoke about his strong ties to […] More

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    “Stay at Home” Musicians Open New Doors

    On March 27th, Governor Tim Walz enacted the “Stay at Home” order, which shut down our music venues and record stores. In the month since that order, music has transformed dramatically. Bands have been split apart, tours cancelled, new albums delayed, and festivals snuffed out. Our creative spaces have had their doors closed. Tickets to […] More

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    Studio Shorts: Defhaus Studios and Hot Dad Labs

    One thing the corona-virus hasn’t affected is the desire for musicians to create. We’ve seen online concerts, live streaming performances to demo new songs, and creative ways for collaboration to happen during these unique times. This insurgence of expression is promising and continues to keep us connected.   Recording studios have continued to be a […] More

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    Top 5 Coronavirus Songs

    Going viral has an entirely new meaning with the current COVID-19 situation spreading all over the world. The virus has created breakout songs all over the globe, with hundreds of artists writing parodies and hand washing anthems. Considering that drastic change often inspires art, musicians pulling an issue into a song is no new trend. […] More

  • Angelique Kidjo at Cedar Cultural Center

    How Social Distancing is Impacting our Music Community

    There are many stories to tell in our current COVID-19 world of music. Music venues are shutting down, photographers are relying on nightly shows to sustain them, artists are cancelling full tours, and everyone in the service industry surrounding these activities are taking a huge hit.  Music has always been the bond that unites people. […] More

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    Studio Shorts: Studio 65 and Carpet Booth Studios

    Recording studios operate unlike almost any other business. Their reputation and sustainability are directly based on the music they touch. You won’t see any advertisements in newspapers for recording studios. Word of mouth is key and musicians sharing their experiences. Referring other artists is crucial. This week we take a look at two studios that […] More

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    Studio Shorts: The Hideaway Studios and The Garage Studio

    Recording studios hold an important role in our community. These magical places are the cornerstones for developing bands and finding a desired sound for their music. Studios are tucked away in corners of our neighborhoods, in buildings often without signs, and removed from any advertisements. “If you had a sign above every studio door saying […] More

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