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    Lo Moon was Anything But “Loveless”

    I hadn’t heard of Lo Moon until about a month ago, but after giving them a listen, it was clear that their sound was the perfect match for the serenity I felt while cruising down 55 West on the way to their show on Friday night. It was calming evening, mid-sunset on the cusp of […] More

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    The Go! Team Throws a Pep Rally at The Turf Club

    Ever miss those pep rallies back at your high school? I sure as hell don’t. And I think a lot of my friends could say the same thing. After all, members of the administration patrolled the school grounds on a golf cart before and during rallies in an effort to catch escaping students. That wouldn’t […] More

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    Titus Andronicus Goes Acoustic at The Turf Club

    What I’ve learned tonight is that Titus Andronicus is an album band, presenting a different experience in their live show, but I’ll come back to that. Titus Andronicus is other things too: highly conceptual, loud (most of the time), funny, confusing, not immediately accessible, fun. He’s (they’re) at the Turf Club tonight. Saturday, Saint Patrick’s Day. […] More

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    Loved It


    Screaming Females Bring Raw, Howling Energy to Turf Club

    The tiny frame of Marissa Paternoster leans into the microphone as her snarling mouth shatters and engulfs the static of flailing bodies packed into the Turf Club Friday night, issuing a message that explosive contents do come in small packages and they will detonate. Paternoster, a one-two punch of bellowing vocals and wailing guitar, heads […] More

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    Charlie Parr captivated a sold-out Turf Club with country blues

    Charlie Parr charmed a sold-out Turf Club with his fingerpicking folk guitar, genuine lyrical narratives and stories about shoveling snow Sunday. After setting up his own gear on stage, Parr made no introduction to start his set; his playing was the only introduction he needed. But before taking the stage, Parr’s opener and friend, Chicago […] More

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    Concerts This Week: January 8th – 14th

    Hello everyone! Once again, it’s time for our breakdown of the biggest and best concerts coming right here to Minnesota this week! We are coming off a pretty big week, but we’ve got a feeling that all the bands coming into our great state this week are up for the challenge, and are going to […] More

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    Concerts This Week: December 4th – 10th

    This week’s breakdown is coming at you a day late (well, technically it’s the correct day, just far too late to be useful) and we apologize! We’d love to say it’s because there were just SO MANY shows this week that it took extra time, but, we’d be lying to you. Sometimes life just gets […] More

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    Beach Slang Powers Through Turf Club

    People attend rock and roll shows for more reasons than you can count. From the simple joy of community to deeper intellectual and spiritual quests, there are very few needs a rock show hasn’t met for somebody. For me, the itch that rock music most ably scratches is a need for escape. Whether it be […] More

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    Concerts This Week: September 18th – 24th

    After a brief two-week hiatus from my “This Week In” column (I was graduating from college!) IT RETURNS! I’m back in the saddle and bringing you a breakdown of all the amazing shows you can see this week right here in our home state of Minnesota! We’ve got a crazy week ahead of us with […] More

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    Best Coast Hits Midwest On 2017 Tour

    If you’re the type of person who always dreads the end of summer then I have some fantastic news for you! While the summer heat slips away and dissipates into the familiar chill of autumn you’ll still have time to grasp for one last feeling of those warm rays. Best Coast will be performing their […] More

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