Psychic Revival Mesmerize the 7th St. Entry

Psychic Revival headline the 7th St. Entry with guests Stoney Wellz, Butter Boys, City Counselor

7st_Entry_(1st Ave)_Psychic_Revival
Photo: Travis Meier, Psychic Revival at 7th Entry

Last updated on December 17th, 2018 at 11:09 am

Original ideas are dazzling and evoke a range of emotions.

The idea may be as complex as the flux capacitor from Back To The Future or putting arm holes in a blanket (the Snuggie). The effect is the same: the shiny object controls us until examination helps us understand the high.

This happened to me twice this week. First, did you know that the internet sells holographic lamps? You can have the plans for the Death Star sitting on your nightstand! Secondly, Psychic Revival hit me with their dark, emotional, and enlightening electronic sound.

7st_Entry_(1st Ave)_Psychic_Revival
Photo: Travis Meier, Psychic Revival at 7th Entry

Opera, Echo, and Electronics

Lead singer Ashantiva’s background in opera brings that style into their sound. Her elocution is a breath of fresh air, especially considering that mumbling in place of singing is becoming the norm. Their unique use of the reverb gave her vocals a clean, audible echo, making it sound like she was singing in an ancient church. Hunter Leaf (synths/electronics) and Elliot Weiner (drums) rounded out their colorful style. The stage featured tall, white, flexible pillars that lit up in different colors according to the mood of each song, creating a show within itself.

7st_Entry_(1st Ave)_Psychic_Revival
Photo: Travis Meier, Ashantiva of Psychic Revival

Variety, Of Course

Typically for a Twin Cities show, the opening acts spanned a wide spectrum, from energetic funk (City Counselor) to pop/rock and punk (Butter Boys) to some of the finest untapped local hip-hop (Stoney Wellz). Each brought their own unique perspectives and set the stage well.

7st_Entry_(1st Ave)_Stony_Wellz
Photo: Travis Meier, Stony Wellz at 7st Entry

Of Originality

Originality is transforming conventional thoughts or ideas into unconventional ones. The results are exciting because abstraction is what attracts attention, it’s what makes people stop and stare. This entire bill, then, was filled with originality.

Written by Travis Meier

Black coffee drinking traveling photojournalist based in NE Mpls!


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