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... Erik Ritland

I conveyed what I meant. If you, or anybody else, doesn’t understand it, that’s on y’all, not me.

I don’t write articles for positive comments. I write them to share what I love, convey how I feel, and have a little fun.

If people don’t get that, that’s fine. They can read something else.

... Erik Ritland

Witty and hilarious.

... Erik Ritland

Thanks for the compliment.

I think it flows just fine. You can’t help but overuse some words.

To briefly critique your comment, the semi-colon is overbearing and makes you come off as trying to sound smart. Be simpler. Read some Hemingway. After all, he started out as a journalist.

... Erik Ritland

You’re taking that line too seriously. It was meant as an exaggerated rip on the general snobishness of critics and a subset of music fans.

The songs without Nico on their first record are great. The title track from White Light is great, the rest is garbage. Their self-titled album is their best, except “The Murder Mystery” sucks. As I like to say, “Revolution 9 > “The Murder Mystery.”

I do also say “Digital Undgerground > Velvet Underground,” and I kind of mean that, too.

... Erik Ritland

Thanks Arne! The post has been updated.

I listen to your show every Sunday – thanks for the great music!