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Thanks Steven!

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Hi Anonymous! There is always a logical reason why I would write negatively about an artist. I don’t believe their songs benefit a person’s well-being, especially the children watching Nickelodeon.
My Biography states that I was introduced to music outside of top 40 radio. Can you show me a song of mine that has a similar message? I look forward to hearing from you!

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I’m sorry you feel that way, Sarah. I should tell you, criticism toward others directly affects your own happiness. Try being a positive and supportive human being. It’s a color that looks good on almost anyone 🙂

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Yes Exactly! All these kids care about is that I’ve hated on their favorite band. They don’t understand the business behind the music or know the deliberate decisions they make to target a specific audience.

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This is the best response I’ve read. Perfect!

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No, you didn’t. A man named Steve Goold drummed for Adam Young (Owl City) and spoke of Adam’s “no alcohol or drugs of any kind” rule on the entire tour. That included everyone, from the artists to the stage hand.

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Glad you enjoyed the article!

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Here is another awesome point, Matthew.

Alexis says:

I think this a great article coming from a musician himself. I personally know Bo and can say for a fact that he makes sure he does his research before writing articles or interviewing. First of all, (and he even said it himself) he watches numerous interviews of the bands and reads up on them before the show. He meets with the groups face to face and asks them intellegent questions. Thus, making his interviewer skills legitimate. Secondly, I completely understand being passionate about a band or music in general. It’s one of the strongest forces on earth. But what Bo is really trying to say with this article is the power of music sfars as well as the power of parental guidance. Think about it: there’s a reason movies are rated for certain age groups. For example, my best friend was watching a movie when she was 4 or 5. The actor in the film said, “fuck you”!, so little Emily turned to the TV and said “fuck you” right back. Were her parents shocked? Just a bit. Yes, I understand this age group is much older and more educated than a 5 year old, but impressionism lasts a lifetime. In middle school, my friends would swear like nobody’s business. But I was the good kid, I wasn’t supposed to swear. Too bad, I wanted to fit in with my friends so I began to swear like a sailor. Did I censor myself around my parents and little old ladies? Of course! Because I made a conscios decision to be appropriate when I found it necessary. And that is exactly what Bo is saying about Matty. He clearly makes a decision to bring the bottle on stage and light up in front of young fans. Ok, you may say that you’re more mature or responsible, or whatever respectable word you choose to describe yourself, but the fact is is that it’s how humans work. Not every fan will turn to sex, drugs, and alcohol, but Matty is making it seem okay. It honestly broke my heart when I read one of the comments explaining how Matty uses alcohol as his vice for nervousness. Why did this break my heart? Because I cannot comprehend the fact that someone would try to defend such a damaging substance just because it gets rid of some stage fright. So, if a young girl is nervous about a test in school, she should just drink some wine, take some pills, and she won’t be nervous anymore! Well, maybe, but that is exactly how addictions and dangerous habits form. You might be an alcoholic, but, hey! at least you’re not nervous! To reinforce this statement, my freshman year of college, I my boyfriend’s roommates heard how much aderol helped with focus and attention. (Aderol is a prescription drug most commonly perscribed to individuals diagnosed with ADD or ADHD) Neither of these guys had been perscribed the medication, but had found their own means to obtain it. I was in the same class as one of the roommates, so we studied at the same time. He took his Aderol and studied for the test in 15 minutes. Because his brain was moving a mile a minute, he felt that it was a subsequent amount of time to study for a large test. It wasn’t. He failed the test, but resorted to drinking and a mixture of other drugs for studying for the next test. Obviously, he didn’t do well. What I’m trying to reiterate is that using substances and developing unhealthy habits with them will never solve the initial problem. I guarantee it will make it worse. And I believe that is what Matty is sharing with his young fans. “Abuse substances, but say it’s okay because life is hard”. Life is hard. But that’s never okay. Why do you think Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and hell, even Britney Spears heard so much about their public affairs? Because people know it affects the public. It just does. The 1975 may have healed themselves in certain ways, and progress is always an accomplishment, but it really wouldn’t be so difficult to leave the bottle in the back and the cigarettes in his pocket and just focus on the hundreds and even thousands of people that look up to them to be the truly inspirational people they should be. Inside and out.

... Bo Weber

“Just another poor example of a different form of media to try to gain some popularity in your life that’s going no where.”

Hello Olive!
Seems as if this article struck a chord with you. I should let you know that this website is not an attempt to bluntly gain popularity. Would I be happy to see the site take off to the point where I could make a decent income? Absolutely! But thank you for the positivity!

“For someone who I know grew up listening to Blink 182 and bands that have done MUCH more obscure and negatively influential things on stage”

Answer: You know I grew up listening to Blink 182. Yes I did! Other than cuss, I haven’t seen any other bands do anything worth writing about. (I also didn’t have the ability to write concert reviews back then either.) Also, please tell me why would the fact that I grew up listening to Blink make this article invalid?

“targeting them specifically is ridiculous Stop the tunnel vision and write about the general issue.”

Answer: How is targeting them specifically, ridiculous? Yes I have a problem with the general issue, however, I went to a 1975 concert, and this is what I had to say about my experience. It is a review of The 1975. However, I do touch on the general issue throughout the article, and I believe others can see that. The 1975 is a conversation starter, if you will.

“If you are so worried, get off your computer chair and advocate.”

Answer: I’m not that worried.

“The problem there is, you’re not so tough without your keyboard”

Answer: Do I appear to be tough in this article? I am speaking my mind, and I will always speak my mind; Online or in person. It may be you who’s not so tough without your keyboard, giving a fake email address in order to anonymously lay a personal attack on a writer. Cowardly.
“It’s only going to get worse, and it sounds like you may need to mentally prepare yourself for that.”

Answer: I realize it’s going to get worse. It saddens me, but I will not lose sleep over it.

Thank you for the comments Olive 🙂