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I believe the use of the word “Retard” is most commonly acquired in ones vocabulary from influential friends, family, or the media.

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You have fans who would like an answer. vvv

As an avid supporter of The 1975, I cannot just sit here and say that I don’t agree with some of the points brought up in this article, In fact, a few of them are quite plausible. I waited from 9am to around 2pm for a The 1975 signing in Houston, TX on November 26th. The majority of the fans in line were teenage girls, young and old, but I did see lots of young girls, maybe 12-13, dressing way beyond their years. A good ninety percent of them were dressed in short dresses, faces masked with makeup even though they were so young. Now, since most of the fans were dressed like this, I didn’t think much of it. Lots of older girls where wearing short dresses and dark makeup as well. This wasn’t a red flag to me until I saw two girls who appeared to be at least twelve years old smoking. On top of that, a fan did bring Matty a bottle of wine at the signing. During the show later that night, Matty was taking swigs out of a wine bottle often. He was also smoking every now and then. In my opinion, this is unacceptable stage etiquette. As much as I love The 1975 and their music, they do have a responsibility to set a better example for their fans. Especially since so many of their fans are young pre-teen and teenage girls. What they’re doing right now is unacceptable and as a fan, I am concerned with how this is influencing young people. I am especially concerned with how this affects the younger fans. The music is good and not every aspect of the band is negative, so I will continue to be an avid listener of The 1975. However, I do not support any aspect of the band that promotes drugs. I didn’t even realize everything that “Chocolate” was about. I only new a tad bit about the song’s meaning and even that knowledge was only to a certain extent. Now Matty, I respect you so much but that comment is no way to handle constructive criticism. Also, how could you criticize this person’s grammar if you claim that you refuse to read this article? Just some food for thought.

Best wishes to all who read this,

Ales~ <3

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Hello Chane, We have not deleted a single comment. I have been approving every single opinion that has been written, good or bad. You may need to wait a moment, until the approval process has completed. On my end, there are no comments pending. Thanks!

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Haha, I agree. Thank you Stephanie.

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That is incredibly valuable insight coming from a father who has watched his children become influenced, and then hear those same kids turn around and deny that they are in any way able to be influenced by anyone. Awesome input!

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Ok listen The 1975 weren”t supposed to be a band for young people but things happened and they are. They didn’t ask to be role models and they aren’t going to change because their fan base are young people. what you see is what you get.

Answer: This is bull crap. For starters they could stop having all ages shows, and make them 18+. Do you see Chris Brown letting kids of all ages into his shows? No. It’s their responsibility to understand what is appropriate and what isn’t, and do their best to keep the entertainment they created within those guidelines.

They are grown men and if they want to drink and smoke they will.

Answer: Again, I’ve said many times they can do as they wish. Just not on stage, making it look like a glamorous lifestyle.

They raise awareness about female equality, religion etc. so you saying they don’t send positive messages is bs.

Answer: Yep. Matthew has some good qualities. Never said he didn’t. We are specifically talking about his lyrics and stage performance. Matthew is an atheist by the way.

Rappers like Kanye West and Chris Brown degrade women in their songs and talk about them as if they are objects.

Answer: Show me a rapper, and I’ll show you a douche bag. Should I write an article on rap lyrics? I have a feeling you wont like it either.

Anyone that wants to try drugs is going to do it with or without The 1975,

Answer: That’s so stupid. Yes, the person who wants to do drugs, WILL do drugs. However, he is increasing the risk in all of his fans by showcasing his addictions on stage.

the 1975 are real and their not going to conform because of dumb people like you. And his name is MATTY not Matt.

Answer: I am offended! Not really. If by conform, you mean stop bringing their addictions on stage, then thats one hell of a loose conformity. Oh, one more thing… MATT! MATT! MATT! MATT!

... Bo Weber

Great response! Romanticized. That’s the perfect word for how people are portraying drugs these days.
And I’m looking forward to the 12 year olds commenting on this article…I just wish I knew who shared it on twitter. That’s where all our traffic is coming from.

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This is a great response Ales! Hopefully Matthew Healy will read this.
And I believe commenting on grammar is a popular cop out for online users, in order to take light away from the actual subject.

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I agree that the best art comes from suffering. However, the most inspirational people are the ones who show change in themselves. Matthew has so many followers. He has the ability to change so many lives, but he isn’t using the opportunity to its fullest potential. He isn’t taking responsibility for his weaknesses, and he isn’t leading us like he should be.