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People in Minnesota: Tina Schlieske

Photo: Blue Gabor

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 09:27 pm

Out of the ’80s Minneapolis New Wave Rock scene, Tina and The B-Sides was born. Releasing released eight studio albums and performing in nearly every rock club in the Twin Cities and beyond, Tina Schlieske and The B-Sides defined the Minneapolis sound of the ’90s.

Before Tina shows off her legendary voice, performing two shows this Saturday at The Dakota billed as Tina Schlieske Sings Sinatra To Simone, the local legend took time to be this week’s People In Minnesota.

What artists have had the strongest influence on you musically and how have they influenced your musical style?
That is a lengthy answer for me! Bowie for his constant chameleon ever-changing approach to his music and art, Prince for his refusing to be labeled in a style or genre, Elvis for his ability to deliver a song, Iggy Pop for his raw power and Aretha for her soul.

What is your favorite Minnesota venue to perform? 
Again a multiple answers because I can’t remember a venue I didn’t like playing in Minnesota!!! The short answer is First Ave for the history and to have the opportunity to perform on the same stage as so many other incredible artists.

How has the Minneapolis music scene changed since the creation of the B-Side Movement?
It has gotten way more diverse in my opinion and I really love that there is such a strong female scene right now…I find it very inspiring.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
On a national level, I would say Brandi Carlile and Robert Ellis are two artists who I think are at the top of their game right now songwriting-wise, and locally I would say Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal and Annie Mack

Your upcoming show at the Dakota is titled “Tina Schlieske Sings Sinatra to Simone,” who do you find the most challenging to sing? 
I have to say they are all difficult! I’m a rock and roll singer who is used to singing with my emotions first…pitch, melody, all that comes second to the emotion for me! But these songs, I feel, deserve the respect of the melody, the story, the technique…so it’s been a real learning curve for me to try and deliver these songs with emotion but being very aware of my pitch, melody, and delivery.

What is your favorite Minnesota musical memory?
Too many to mention! I feel really fortunate that I have so many and that I can still remember them but whether it’s going to see shows or playing shows in Minnesota, it’s pretty much always a good memory!

More information on future Tina and The B-Sides Shows can be found here.

Written by Richard Dollarhide

Photographer, Photojournalist, Executive Chef and Full Time Artist


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