10 Famous Musicians Who Are Color Blind

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Color blindness is an issue that prevents some people from seeing colors, impacting everything from distinction to depth perception. No one is immune to this trouble, even famous musicians throughout history.

If you’re looking for more information about famous musicians who are colorblind, you’ve come to the right place. Take a seat and get ready to learn more about some of the most musically talented people who can’t see the entire color spectrum!

1. Bing Crosby

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First up on our list of famous musicians who are color blind is Bing Crosby, singer and actor extraordinaire. The man was known for his bad taste in clothes, though it’s likely his trouble selecting a great outfit stemmed from the fact that he was colorblind, especially when dealing with blue and green colors. They blended with him.

His wife reportedly helped him with his color blindness, helping correct his decisions occasionally to make his matches work a little better. She reported he would pick what he thought was one color and would turn out to be completely different.

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2. Meat Loaf

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Another musician who could not see color is Meat Loaf, a late American rock singer and actor known for a tremendous career. He was legally color blind, having trouble telling some colors apart. 

In his younger years, Meat Loaf attempted to use his color blindness as an excuse to get out of the army, along with his slightly overweight stature. Unfortunately for him, the military did not consider his color blindness as a valid excuse and drafted him into the war anyway.

3. John Kay

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Next up on our list of famous musicians who are color blind is the well-known John Kay, a German singer and songwriter. Kay is known for his colorblindness, living with Achromatopsia. This trouble is an inherited retinal degeneration that reduces color distinction by a significant margin, making it tricky to point out items in the world.

Kay is known to wear red-filtered prescription eyeglasses to examine the world in a more practical light. He uses a pop-out magnifier, large-screen prints of books and sheet music, monocles, video cameras, and more to ensure he can see whatever is in front of him.

4. Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix was a legendary guitarist, well-known for his incredible riffs and songwriting. However, few know that the singer suffered from red-green colorblindness, which sometimes affected his performances.

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5. Jonny Greenwood

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Next on our list of famous musicians who are color blind is Jonny Greenwood, a member of Radiohead. He is red and green color blind, preventing him from distinguishing between certain items from clothes to flowers. 

However, Greenwood’s colorblindness doesn’t impact his career and has a minimal effect on how he interacts with the world. He can see specific shades for each color, but he can’t tell them apart when placed in front of him.

6. Eddie Redmayne

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Although Eddie Redmayne is first an actor, he is also a singer in movies like Les Miserables. Redmayne is colorblind, unable to distinguish between certain tones. His wife helps him with many of his clothing choices, ensuring he goes out in something that matches. 

In the past, Redmayne would reportedly put on clothes that made his wife second-guess his taste. Although it doesn’t impact his career, it does have an effect on his clothing choices for special events and day-to-day activities.

7. Fred Rogers

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Next on our list of famous musicians who are color blind is Fred Rogers, who, although technically an actor and television host, also sang during his time on his iconic show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He was red-green colorblind, meaning he couldn’t distinguish between these two colors.

His color blindness also meant he was never able to see the iconic red sweater he always wore on his show, distinguishing him from other entertainers. He’d even been known to get confused between tomato and pea soup.

8. Rod Stewart

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Rod Stewart, the incredible singer and songwriter, is another famous musician who suffers from colorblindness. As with many professionals who can’t distinguish between hues, Stewart’s taste in clothes is drastically impacted by what he can’t see.

In an interview, Stewart reported he loved model trains, including painting and decorating his own sets. However, he asks others to check his work because he tends to paint everything red if he doesn’t have someone to tell him what color is going on in his pieces.

9. Neil Young

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Neil Young is an incredible singer and songwriter known for many smash hits in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Unlike many of his peers during that era, Neil Young is colorblind and thus had an additional barrier to overcome while he established his career.

Young took up painting in his later years, and he had to conquer his colorblindness to be successful. He chose careful colors and spoke with his close friends to ensure everything looked good.

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10. Cory Brandan Putnam

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Last on our list of famous musicians who are color blind is Cory Brandan Putnam, an American singer known for his career as the lead vocalist for the band Norma Jean. He’s been in many different groups and also suffers from colorblindness, making it tricky for him to tell things apart while on the move.

Despite his setback, Putnam has had an incredible career for more than two decades. He’s a powerhouse and an encouragement for musicians with colorblindness. 

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