Landon Conrath & Crew Welcomed Back to the Entry

Last updated on February 19th, 2022 at 12:42 pm

Rising Minneapolis singer-songwriter and produce Landon Conrath energized a packed 7th Street Entry Thursday night. It was only his second time headlining at the Entry as a solo artist, but Landon’s young, Andrew McMahon-esque charisma and gracious charm on stage would indicate otherwise.

Friends of friends of bandmates and swarms of twenty-somethings filled the space with a sense of friendly camaraderie and excitement – a perfect, indie-pop lift for those February blues.

Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre

Conrath’s undeniably catchy melodies and relatable lyrics have gained him quite the following in the Minneapolis music scene since his debut in 2020.

Since then, this multi-talented artist has produced a viral hit on Spotify, signed a new record deal with Nettwerk, and sold out his first show back in November. He also graduated from college during a pandemic.

Thursday felt like a reunion of sorts. The same circle of friends and fans, and more, showed up to see Conrath perform new material, in addition to local openers with a solid fanbase of their own.

The first opener, TYSM!, immediately activated the room with booming bass and catchy-choppy vocals. Their newest single “OUT OF MY MIND,” had people on their feet. Keep tabs on frontman Elijah Mason. TYSM! is on the rise.

Next, Fruitpunchloverboy wooed the crowd with R&B-brassy flavored beats and soulful vocals. Lead songwriter and rapper Christian Johnson effortlessly spews playful, emotional lyrics, while Zak Kahn’s funkadelic chord progressions lure you into a euphoric haze.

Fruitpunchloverboy, Photo by Kathleen Ambre

2018 Single “Summertime Silence” put FPLB on the map. However, I’m a big fan of their newest single, “Crashpad.” This new track reminds me a lot of Irish hip-hop trio Hare Squead. Tethered to a soothing loop of fuzzy synths, atmospheric rabbit holes, and staggered electronic beats, this catchy new single is irresistible.

Warmed up and ready to go, Landon Conrath and his crew were met with a loud welcome from a thirsty Thursday crowd.

Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre
Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre

He kicked things off with some familiar favorites from 2021 EP Dazed and Confused. “2AM” lured the crowd in with easy-breezy beats, but he really had the crowd singing every word when he followed up with “lowercase.” The feel-good energy was on the rise, with guitarists shooting each other playful glances and head bangs, the drummer in a beanie grinning ear-to-ear, and Conrad cool and collected.

Hands up, hips in sway, the whole room was feelin’ it.

Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre

We got a taste of a new song, not yet released, called “Cassanova.” And, of course, 2020 callbacks to fan favorites such as “Acetone” and “Papercuts.” Hands up and spirits even higher, the crowd belted out every line.

I’m on my way
So just a heads up
We’re thinking too much
“Bout stupid mistakes
So don’t look back
We’re moving too fast, ooh-ooh-ooh!

– “Papercuts”

Quickly progressing through his set – no pops-y “ooh-ooooh’s” left unanswered – Landon debuted new single “Last Week” to a packed room.

Primed with indie-pop hooks and airy guitar riffs, this new song is bound to be your next go-to breakup anthem. Only 10 days into its release, it’s a glimpse to what’s next for Landon. It’s the first song he wrote in LA under the new Nettwerk banner.

Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre

For “Jericho,” Landon and drummer Mikey did a little switcharoo. Fun fact, Landon actually began his music career drumming before he became a singer-songwriter. Two years in, he’s become more and more comfortable stepping into the limelight on lead vocals. But the guy can always jump back into holding the beat.

Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre
Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre

Kudos to Mikey for jumping in on guitar. Dude was having the time of his life front and center.

“Give it up for Mikey switch-hitting! It’s not everyday you find members just go up and play a song on guitar. That’s pretty dope.”

– Landon Conrath

Landon showed off unreleased tracks “Leap Year” and “Science Fiction” to end his set. Definitely flexing some post-breakup angst and heavy guitar reverb. I’m a fan of this grittier direction. Yes, more sad-boi-Saturday breakup songs please.

Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre

For the encore, Landon and crew surprised us with Kelly Clarkson cover “Since U Been Gone.” He joked about not really knowing all the lyrics, but was confident the crowd could do some heavy lifting on vocals. Um yes, a few recognizable guitar chords and every tipsy chick in the Entry briefly lost their frickin’ minds. What a great throwback Thursday pop cover to wrap things up.

It’s just the beginning for this young indie-pop artist. With two sold-out shows under his belt and plenty of fresh new releases, Landon’s on the rise.

Landon Conrath, Photo by Kathleen Ambre

Written by Kathleen Ambre

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