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Kim Petras On Halloween, New Music, and More (Exclusive Interview!)

Kim Petras
Kim Petras

Last updated on November 1st, 2019 at 03:27 pm

I got a chance to chat on the phone with pop sensation Kim Petras, who recently released a Halloween album that’ll serve as the perfect soundtrack to all of your spooky festivities. Following the success of her first-ever sold-out headline tour this summer, Kim recently embarked on the North American leg of The Clarity Tour, which kicked off on October 21. You can catch Kim at the Palace Theatre on November 30th, get your tickets here.

You recently released the Halloween-themed album TURN OFF THE LIGHT. What inspired this piece of work?

I love Halloween and me and my friends were kind of like, why are there so many Christmas records and no Halloween records? And so we just set out to do this and said ‘we’re going to do this even if it’s crazy and nobody listens to it’. And it kind of blew me away that it did well because so many people thought it was a crazy idea. So yeah, I’m pumped that people are loving it.

That’s so awesome. What inspires you lyrically when you’re writing something like that?

With Turn Off The Light I just got to be this larger than life version of myself. So it was very freeing as a songwriter to not write from my own perspective and to make it more of a show for people. It’s been super fun.

Speaking of shows – you’re about to go on the North American leg of your tour. What’s the best part about touring?

I love being with my crew on the road, they’re pretty much my best friends. And I love singing my songs for the first time for my fans and seeing their reactions. It’s also super exciting to have my own stage now with my own lighting, things I didn’t have before. I love being on the road.

Anything you don’t love about being on the road?

Discovering new places is hard…When you don’t know a city it’s hard to know where to eat and I love food in general. So that’s probably the thing I don’t like – not knowing the best places to eat in new cities.

That’s definitely tough. Back to the performance side of things – do you have a favorite song to perform live?

Icy is my favorite right now, it’s just really fun and emotional…it’s definitely my favorite to perform. But there are a lot of new songs that I haven’t gotten to perform live yet, so I’m really excited about that…maybe I’ll have a new favorite soon!

Kim just released the music video for her latest single “Icy,” which sees the artist break the confines of a toxic relationship to become a stronger, independent version of herself whose vulnerabilities have frozen over. Watch the video here.

Written by Juliet Farmer


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