Third Times a Charm for Jamestown Revival

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Last updated on October 9th, 2022 at 01:21 pm

Centered in their hallmark harmonies while pulling from Americana, folk, jazz, and 70’s pop at times, Jamestown Revival recalls the classic qualities of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, with a dose of Neil Young.

A show that was initially cancelled by Covid, then rescheduled due to shoulder surgery, and then almost didn’t happen due to bus issues, Jamestown’s third time was a complete charm.

Photo by Smouse

The new album that they’re touring behind,Young Man, recalls their earlier material, as the fully acoustic effort is led by softer vocals and heavier lyrics. The albums themes include coming of age, finding an identity, and with the ups and downs of success. 

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David Ramirez

Opening the evening was Texas songwriter David Ramirez. Another powerful lyricist, Ramirez is no stranger to using dynamics to steer home the message. “My Love is a Hurricane” showcased David’s ability to grasp a song and force it into the audience. Timely considering the hurricane slamming into Florida, the power behind his lyrics are a category 5.

“They say there’s power in the rain
I find more power in my name”

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The pinnacle of the set was the optimistic anthem “Find the Light” and the confessional song “Harder to Lie,” which touches on falling for someone and needing to be honest about it. 

He finished his portion of the show with a moving track about losing a friend, “I’m Not Going Anywhere.” The song is about how, by sharing their stories, a person’s memory lives forever. It was a beautiful moment.

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Jamestown Revival

Jamestown Revival opened the evening with five songs off their new album Young Man. The quieter approach of the evening drew out the weight and importance in their lyrics and drove home the intimacy of their harmonies. It also emphasized a heavy pedal steel influence and dynamic drums.

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Jonathan started “These Days” with an extended dobro solo, which expertly led into the song. They then immediately blitzed with heavy tom drums to kick off “Crazy World,” a hint of the feast to come. The dynamics shifted again with “Slow It Down,” a song about kids playing in the woods.

“Yeah, I think it’s time we slow it downAnd we just might see itMother Nature’s picture showTake a seat and breathe it in”
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“California,” which found them reaching into their older songs, was the epic epitome of their strengths. The crowd responded by singing along, with pockets of dancing breaking out in the back of the venue. Energetic “Revival” also got the crowd riled up. Jonathan and Zach wandered the stage, engaged with their band, playing on the feelings and visual importance of live music.

Photo by Smouse

The encore started with Zach and Jonathan playing acoustically and without microphones. A throwback to their younger days and shows, it quieted the crowd and was the perfect way to lead into the poignant “Old Man Looking Back”:

“Young man, did I teach you well?If you come up short then I guess I failedYou realize I’m just learning tooJust a young man wearing an old man’s shoes
Time goes by and people changeI’ll be gone, but you’ll remain”
Photo by Smouse

For Jamestown Revivial, the third time was definitely a charm. Let’s hope there are less hoops and fences for them to jump through before the next time they return to the Twin Cities.

See all the photos from the evening below.

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