Dorothy Rocks Fine Line

201801 MIM Dorothy 5633
201801 MIM Dorothy 5633

The LA-based band absolutely rocked Fine Line Music Café on the fifth day of 2018. On an extremely cold night, Dorothy fans fought off the weather to come see the American rock band.

To open up the night, Minneapolis native hard rock band, Cold Kingdom had the crowd headbanging right away. Their intense music has the perfect balance of emotion and passion. Minnesota always appreciates their local musicians, but everyone in the venue that night was intensely supporting their set.

Photo by Braden Doucette

The packed venue hosted an array of folks of all ages. Fans ranging from low 20’s to late 40’s filled Fine Line wall to wall. Talkative and energetic fans danced and sang along on a chilly Friday night to keep warm.

Photo by Braden Doucette
Photo by Braden Doucette

Dorothy jumped on stage shortly after Cold Kingdom finished their set. Immediately, Dorothy Martin’s voice gave chills to the crowd throughout the show. Her powerful and emotional voice expressed so much passion for her art. With Minneapolis only being the second show of their tour Dorothy laughed and said, “I forgot how hard this was”. The crowd chuckled at the authentic reality of how tough performing must be.

Photo by Braden Doucette
Photo by Braden Doucette

The odd number of events from the guitarist playing his instrument with his tongue and Dorothy making a shootout to a high school friend at the show, made for a unique and authentic experience. One of the most standout parts of the show was Dorothy getting on a real level, talking about fear being an illusion and that everyone needs to do what they want to do without hesitation.

Photo by Braden Doucette

After one of their most popular songs, “Freedom” the fans chanted for an encore and was given two more energetic and passionate songs.

Set List: Dorothy

  1. White butterfly
  2. Who do you love
  3. After midnight
  4. Naked eye
  5. Raise hell
  6. Pretty when you’re high
  7. We need love
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Wicked ones
  10. Ain’t our time to die
  11. We are stars
  12. Flawless
  13. Dttb
  14. Freedom
  15. Dark nights
  16. Whiskey fever

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