BLACKPINK Members: Everything You Need to Know About the Sensational Korean Girl Group

black pink members
The BlackPink Members at the Golden Disk awards in 2019. Image by Newsenstar1 on Wikimedia Commons.

Considered one of the most significant K-Pop groups in the world today, BLACKPINK is the most successful Korean girl group in the world. In this article, learn all about BLACKPINK’s members, the best BLACKPINK songs, and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about the Korean pop sensations.


The color pink symbolizes love, kindness, sensitivity, and beauty, while black means strength. 

YG Entertainment, who formed the girl group on August 2016, created BLACKPINK to both represent beauty and showcase loads of talent.


The four BLACKPINK members are Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa.

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What Are the BLACKPINK Members’ Age and BLACKPINK Members’ Birthdays?

Who is the oldest member of BLACKPINK? Jisoo is the oldest member, while Lisa is the youngest. 

Here is the birthday of each BLACKPINK member:

Jisoo is 28 years old, born on January 3, 1995

Jennie: 27, January 16, 1996

Rose: 25, February 11, 1997

Lisa: 25, March 27, 1997

What Are the BLACKPINK Members’ Height?

In terms of BLACKPINK members’ height, Rosé is the tallest while Jisoo is the shortest of the BLACKPINK members. 

Jisoo is 162 cm (5ft 3 ¾ in)

Jennie: 163 cm (5’4”)

Rose: 168.7 cm (5’ 6’’)

Lisa: 166.5 cm (5’ 5.6’’)

kim ji soo blackpink
Blackpink’s Kim Ji-soo performing on the stage in 2017. Image by D4cgrapher.


Kim Jisoo is a singer who is frequently described as “adorable” by BLINKs. She is also nicknamed Korea Beauty Queen or Miss Korea because of her beauty. 

Most Korean fans consider her the visual of the group. 

Jisoo previously appeared in commercials and in the historical K-drama series Snowdrop before joining BLACKPINK. 

Although she cannot speak English fluently, she is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. 

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jennie kim blackpink
Jennie Kim from Blackpink in 2017. Image by D4cgrapher on Wikimedia Commons.


Kim Jennie is often called the “fashion queen” of the group

Born and raised in South Korea, she studied for five years in New Zealand before returning back to Korea in 2010. She had been in the trainee program the longest, nearly six years. 

Jennie released her individual track “SOLO” in 2018 and, under the stage name Jeannie Ruby Jane, will make her acting debut in 2023 on the HBO drama The Idol opposite Lily-Rose Depp.

The show was co-created by The Weeknd and Euphoria writer and director Sam Levinson. 

Moreover, Jennie is BLACKPINK’s main rapper and vocalist. But she takes either position based on the type of song the group is performing.

rose blackpink
Lisa at a Black Pink fansign event at COEX’s Live Plaza in Seoul on August 19, 2018. Image by Explicit on Wikimedia Commons.


Who joined the BLACKPINK last? Park Chaeyoung (Rose) was the final member to be revealed on June 22, 2016. 

She came in first among the applicants in the 2012 YG Entertainment audition in Australia. After that, she signed a trainee contract and moved to Seoul to begin training. 

Though she was born in New Zealand, she grew up in Australia, learning Korean while a trainee in South Korea. She is the group’s main singer with a distinctive voice easily recognized by fans. 

Rose’s solo album includes songs “On the Ground” and “Gone,” which was released last March 2021.

lisa blackpink
Lisa posing for VOGUE Taiwan in 2021. Image by VOGUE Taiwan on Wikimedia Commons.


Lalisa Pranpriya Manoban is well-known for her rap and dance abilities. Born and raised in Thailand, she is also fluent in English and Japanese. 

Lisa frequently displays her impromptu dancing abilities during promotional appearances, which always become viral moments for the group. 

Lisa’s debut solo album, LALISA, which includes the songs “Lalisa” and “Money,” was released in September 2021. 

The music video for the title song won the MTV Video Music Award for best K-pop video in 2022, and it was recognized by Guinness World Records as the most viewed YouTube music video by a solo K-pop artist in the first day of its release.

Rosé is known as the main vocalist of the group, even if Jennie was the one designated. 

Both Jennie and Lisa do the rapping in BLACKPINK songs, even though Jeannie is designated as the main rapper. But Lisa is definitely the lead dancer for the group.

Did BLACKPINK Have Nine Members?

The original plan for the amount of BLACKPINK members was nine, but before BLACKPINK’s debut on August 8, 2016, YG Entertainment announced that the new girl group would only have four members.

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Music Style

The music of BLACKPINK has been described as mainly electronic dance music (EDM) and pop with elements of hip-hop and trap. 

BLACKPINK have also included R&B, Arabic music, ballad, disco, and rock in its discography. 

Altogether, BLACKPINK’s music is said to combine fierce, bold rapping and an edgy singing style.



The first of many popular BLACKPINK songs was “Boombayah,” BLACKPINK’s debut single. 

The song’s video has an upbeat and fun girls’ night out vibe. 

With a sharp choreography and a flair for visuals, the video gives viewers a glimpse of what will come to be leading to the group’s eventual stardom.

BLACKPINK made a comeback single in 2018, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” which is a rapid-fire whirlwind of tough-girl cool. 

This was followed by other BLACKPINK songs like “Whistle,” “As If It’s Your Last,” “Lovesick Girls,” and “Playing With Fire,” all of which have self-analyzing lyrics and melodies that were filled with love, eagerness, and passion.

2020 track “Ice Cream,” featuring Selena Gomez, is an extraordinarily sexy song from the group, featuring double entendre lyrics against a hypnotic beat. 

“Pretty Savage” and “Crazy Over You” showcase the group’s vocal prowess, with syrupy smooth lyrics set against an in-your-head melody. 

“Bet You Wanna,” which features Cardi B, is a fun song with bubblegum pop lyrics. 

Many fans particularly like “Kill This Love” and “How You Like That.” These two BLACKPINK songs are full of girl power, sick beats, and bold optimism.

The latest hit BLACKPINK songs are from their 2022 album, BORN PINK, which features “Pink Venom,” “Shut Down,” and “Typa Girl,” of which the first two songs hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Global 200 chart.


In just a few years since debuting in 2016, BLACKPINK has been harvesting accolades everywhere. BLACKPINK members have been all over popular culture.

The band has collected several firsts as an all-female K-pop group. Here are some of the numerous achievements BLACKPINK has accomplished so far.

● Highest female Korean act on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at no. 13 with “Ice Cream”

● Highest female Korean act on the US Billboard 200, peaking at no. 1 with “Born Pink,” which is also the best-selling record by a female act in South Korea. It’s also the first to sell two million copies.

● First girl group from Korea to enter and top the Billboard Artists 100 chart and the Billboard Emerging Artists chart

● Collaboration with Dua Lipa, “Kiss and Make Up,” was the first ever by a group from Korea to receive a British Phonographic Industry (BPI) certification and an Australian Recording Industry Association platinum certification (ARIA) 

● Debut studio album, The Album, is the highest-selling Korean girl group album ever

● “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” was the first song by a Korean group that surpassed one and two billion views on YouTube, and it is currently the most viewed by a Korean group 

● The most-streamed and most-followed girl group on Spotify, as well as the most-subscribed music artist and owner of the most-viewed music group channel on YouTube

● Named Time’s Entertainer of the Year in 2022

blackpink queen
Blackpink at OLENS fansign in October 2019. Image by NewsInstar on Wikimedia Commons.

Who is the Queen of BLACKPINK? 

There are those who say that it is Jennie because she raps and has an appealing “badass” attitude.” 

People have also crowned her “fashion queen” several times. 

Jennie is frequently praised for her keen sense of style and passion for all things fashion. She is especially popular among Korean fans. 

Others believe Lisa is the BLACKPINK member that deserves to be called queen. She is the most popular among foreign fans. 

But do we really have to choose one queen? Each of the BLACKPINK members are queens, and BLACKPINK is one of the best K-pop groups of all time.

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