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    Seven Questions with Dan Israel: First gigs, favorite books, being Bob Dylan, much more

    Seven Questions features deep dive interviews with local bands, songwriters, and personalities. Their music, their influences, what makes them tick, their earliest memories, what books they’re reading, what movies they love, and any other random ol’ thing is on the table. It’s a great way to get inside the head of Minnesota’s most important music personalities. Dan Israel […] More

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    Minneapolis Quarantine Mixtape Project

    2020 so far has been a tough year for everyone in Minneapolis. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected every clique, group and subculture this city has to offer, including but not limited to the Minneapolis Hip Hop scene. All plans for the future have officially been cancelled, leaving rappers and singers wondering what’s next for their […] More

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    “Stay at Home” Musicians Open New Doors

    On March 27th, Governor Tim Walz enacted the “Stay at Home” order, which shut down our music venues and record stores. In the month since that order, music has transformed dramatically. Bands have been split apart, tours cancelled, new albums delayed, and festivals snuffed out. Our creative spaces have had their doors closed. Tickets to […] More

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    ON THE RADAR: SOLANA Supplies Summer Sunshine

    Discovering new music, especially during “Stay At Home,” has some great perks. For one, you have all the time in world to click, listen, and absorb. With this added time and focus on the online world, we can also dig deeper into Minnesota music and recognize the abundance of talent in our state. Alex Richter, […] More

  • John Prine. Image by Ron Baker.

    A tribute to beloved songwriter John Prine

    One of the great artists of our time, songwriter John Prine, was unfairly taken from us on April 7th. He died from the COVID-19 virus. He was 73. A true songwriter’s songwriter, he defies categorization in so many ways. His songwriting combined elements of folk, rock, country, blues, and more. As a lyricist he simply […] More

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    36 Interesting Facts About Eminem

    Born on October 17, 1972 as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, the rapper more commonly known as Eminem is one of the most successful musical artists of his generation. In addition to his legendary rapping career, Eminem has also enjoyed success on the movie screen and a record producer. Here are 37 facts that you may […] More

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    Studio Shorts: Defhaus Studios and Hot Dad Labs

    One thing the corona-virus hasn’t affected is the desire for musicians to create. We’ve seen online concerts, live streaming performances to demo new songs, and creative ways for collaboration to happen during these unique times. This insurgence of expression is promising and continues to keep us connected.   Recording studios have continued to be a […] More

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    32 Interesting Facts about Justin Bieber

    As one of the most popular singers and performers of his generation, Justin Bieber has garnered legions of fans devoted to his music. The Canadian-born musical artist hit the scene in 2009 and has not looked back since. Here are 32 of the most interesting facts about Bieber that you might not have known until […] More