Trey Songz Net Worth: How he got his riches, assault allegations, and more

trey songz net worth
Trey Songz Net Worth. R&B superstar Trey Songz performs songs from his hit new album, "Chapter V," for Walmart Soundcheck and reveals all during an exclusive sit-down interview. Photo taken in 2012 by Walmart Soundcheck on Wikimedia Commons.

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Trey Songz is a famous American singer and rapper most well-known for his song “Bottoms Up,” which features Nicki Minaj. His songs “Slow Motion” and “Can’t Help But Wait” are also popular, with hundreds of millions of views on Spotify.

With over 25 million records sold, you may be wondering what Trey Songz net worth is. Read on to learn all about this popular artist and his net worth.

Trey Songz Net Worth

Trey Songz Net Worth is estimated to be about $15 million at the beginning of 2023, but it may be higher in the future as the artist has recently made several brand deals that could generate more income.

trey songz career
Trey Songz at Supafest 2012, at ANZ Stadium at Homebush, Sydney, Australia. Photo taken by Eva Rinaldi on Wikimedia Commons.

How Did Trey Songz Get Rich?

Trey Songs came from humble beginnings, and most of his money has come from the sale of his music, but some of it has come from brand deals. As of the beginning of 2023, Trey Songz has brand deals with SX Liquor and Rocawear.

Otherwise, most of Trey Songz net worth can be attributed to ticket sales for his shows and tours. He also makes $25,000 for each post he makes on Instagram.

Trey Songz Cars

Trey Songz is a car guy, meaning he has owned many nice cars over the years. While the first car he ever bought was a 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, he was reportedly driving a 2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG in 2015.

Of course, he has bought new cars in the years since and has been seen driving around in a Cadillac Escalade as well as a Rolls Royce.

Trey Songz House

Trey Songz currently owns 3 homes. His primary home, where he is spotted most often, is in Hollywood Hills, California, and is valued at over $1.3 million. This home is reported to have 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a home music studio for Trey to record.

He has a second home in Bell Canyon, California, for when he needs a break from his mansion. This second home is also large. His third property is a condo in Miami which is reportedly worth $3.45 million.


How Much Does Trey Songz Make Per Show?

The amount of money Trey Songz makes per show varies from venue to venue, but he reportedly brings in about $150,000 per month, amounting to somewhere around $1.2 million each year.

But as previously mentioned, the artist makes about $25,000 per Instagram post, so he assumably makes even more when he performs in a show.

How Much Are Trey Songz Tickets?

Trey Songz currently has no upcoming shows, but his past tickets have always cost more than $100. In some cities like Chicago, tickets were about $126, while in New York, they averaged around $205.

Trey Songz Early Life

Trey Songz real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, and he was born in Petersburg, Virginia. He was born to a young single mother and never had a relationship with his father. He did form a relationship with his stepfather, however, reporting that he taught him how to drive in his taxicab when he was a teen.

As a child, Trey was shy, and if you would have told him that he would one day be a singer, he would have scoffed at you. It was meant to be, however, and by the age of 14, he began singing at his local high school Petersburg High School. He got his first record deal with Atlantic Records in 2003 when he was just 19 years old.

trey songz early life
Behind the scenes of “Without You” music video with Rebstar and Trey Songz. Photo taken in 2008 by Julia Beverly on Wikimedia Commons.

Trey Songz Career

Trey Songs released his first album in 2005, “I Gotta Make It,” but in the time before, he frequently released mixtapes, one of which was a response to an R.Kelly song. His debut album was an instant hit, and his debut single, “Gotta Make It,” stayed on the top billboard for weeks.

While his music was popular in R&B circles, his work wasn’t mainstream until the release of his single “Girl Tonight” later in 2005.

Unfortunately, his second album, released in 2007, was a bit of a flop until his single “Can’t Help But Wait” was incorporated into the film Step Up 2: The Streets, and he was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Trey Songz went on to release several more albums, some of which were flops, others which reached critical acclaim. In 2016, the artist began to have legal issues as the result of an argument with police after one of his concerts reportedly got physical. He also was accused of using sexual intimidation to convince Keke Palmer to appear in one of his music videos.

All of this came to a head in 2021 when Songz was arrested following an altercation at a sporting event in Kansas City, Missouri. While he was released the next day, he reportedly faced criminal charges for his actions.

There are additionally many open sexual assault claims against Trey Songz, many of which are still being investigated.


Hopefully, now you have a better idea of Trey Songz Net Worth and how he amassed his riches. Even if his net worth isn’t as high as some other artists, it is impressive that he has come to the point of owning 3 houses and multiple cars just from his record sales and performances.

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