15 Crazy Rolling Stones Facts Even the Biggest Fans Won’t Know

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The Rolling Stones, whose music has spanned more than 50 years, are one of the most iconic and legendary rock bands of all time. Known for their ability to mix up their sound and their outrageous antics on and off the stage, the Rolling Stones have left their mark on the music industry for many years.

With songs such as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and “Gimme Shelter,” the Rolling Stones quickly became a household name. Although many of the members have changed over the years, they have kept to their iconic and unique sound. 

Read on to learn some interesting facts about the Rolling Stones you may not have known!

Who Were the Original Members of the Rolling Stones?

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Known as one of the original boy bands, the Rolling Stones have had many members along the way. But, who were the original members of this legendary band? Here they are:

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The Band Logo Was Inspired by a Hindu Goddess

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The Hindu Goddess Kali. Image by on Unsplash.

When they first formed their band, they went to legendary designer, John Pasche, to design a logo that represented their sound. They reportedly wanted it to be in the likeness of the Hindu Goddess, Kali, who was often depicted with an open mouth and tongue hanging out.

The Real Reason Bill Wyman was Asked to Join

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Most people, when asked to join a band, are known for their musical prowess, however, this was not the case for Bill Wyman. With money tight in the beginning, Bill Wyman was actually invited into the band because he owned an amplifier.

Tragedy Struck Early for the Rolling Stones

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Only seven years after the band was formed, Brian Jones was found dead in his swimming pool from what was then called a “misadventure.” The truth is that Jones had been let go from the band not long before this incident due to his excessive use of drugs.

Jagger and Richards: Arrested Then Released Due to Pressure

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Did you know that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were arrested on drug charges in 1967 and faced about a year in prison? It turns out, many die-hard Stones fans created an uproar claiming persecution, and the pair were soon released.

The Rolling Stones and Martin Scorcese

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While the Stones had millions of fans around the world, Martin Scorcese is said to also be one of their biggest fans. This iconic filmmaker has used several of their songs in his movies over the years, some more than once.

Mick Jagger was Almost Not a Rolling Stone

mick jagger
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It is hard to imagine the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger. However, before he dropped out to chase down a music career, he was enrolled in the London School of Economics.

Thank the Stones for the Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Fame

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The Rolling Stones concert tour in 1972 became known as the “Cocaine and Tequila Sunrise” tour due to obvious reasons. After being introduced to the drink, they became wildly popular by making it their cocktail of choice.

Ian Stewart, Who?

ian stewart
Ian Stewart, pictured on the far right. Image from Shutterstock.

Did you know that one of the founding members, Ian Stewart, or Stu, was fired before the band started? It seems he did not have the “rock star” look, at least according to the band manager.

The Band was Known to Roll With a Drug Procurer

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It is true, Acid King David was a constant companion with the band and was known to procure acid for them when they wanted it. It has been reported, however, that Acid King was actually a mole planted by the FBI.

Free Stones Concert, Anyone?

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Fans at Copacabana Beach in Brazil were surprised by a free concert from the Rolling Stones in 2006. The crowd of 1.5 million people was entertained by the legendary group for about two hours.

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“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” Was Not Their Favorite

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When the Stones originally recorded this iconic song they all agreed that it was likely one for the “B-side” or trash pile. Of course, it turned out to be one of their best-loved songs.

The Stones and the Secret Marriage

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Band member Charlie Watts secretly got married in 1964. He was told to keep the marriage a secret so it would not ruin the band’s bad-boy image.

They Couldn’t Find a Hotel in NYC

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By the time they were touring in America in 1966, they had built up such a “bad boy” reputation and had gained millions of fans that they could not find a hotel to stay in NYC. They were turned down by about 14 before finding one.

The Beatles Supported the Stones

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Despite rumors that The Beatles and the Stones were rivals, they were not. In fact, The Beatles gave the Rolling Stones quite a bit of help early on, they even wrote one of their songs, “I Wanna Be Your Man.”

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