How Much is Machine Gun Kelly’s Net Worth?

Machine Gun Kelly 2017
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Better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly, Colson Baker is a professional rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth is estimated to be about $10 million as of 2022. He began his music career as a youngster, and in 2006 he published his first mixtape. His career is now highly successful, and he is considered one of the most respected rappers in the industry.

Over the years, MGK has collaborated with various musicians, including Wiz Khalifa and Young Jeezy. Their music sales have generated millions of income, and we will look into Machine Gun Kelly net worth.

Machine Gun Kelly 2018
Machine Gun Kelly, at Summerfest 2018. Milwaukee. Photo by Paulien Zomer.

Early Life

Baker’s missionary parents welcomed him into the world on April 22, 1990, in Houston, Texas.

Baker and his family moved all over the globe and established residences in countries ranging from Egypt to Germany and in cities throughout the United States, including Chicago, Denver, and Cleveland, among others.

After his mother left the family home, he and his father relocated to Denver, where Baker’s aunt and uncle lived until their mother returned. When Baker’s father suffered from despair and unemployment, he became the target of bullying from other youngsters in the area.

In the sixth grade, he began listening to rap while studying at Hamilton Middle School in Denver, which had a mixed student population of different ethnicities. Ludacris, Eminem, and DMX were the first three rappers that piqued Baker’s interest in hip hop when he was a youngster.

After listening to DMX’s “We Right Here” from the Great Depression (2001) album, Baker became interested in the genre.

Immediately after his father’s death, MGK dropped out of school and established a reputation for himself by calling out his older peers.

His father came to pick them up and took them to Kuwait the following year until the duo was compelled to return to the United States, where MGK attended high school at Shaker Heights High.

Machine Gun Kelly 2018
Machine Gun Kelly performing at Summerfest 2018, Milwaukee. Photo by Paulien Zommer.

How Much is Machine Gun Kelly Worth?

Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. MGK started his career at a young age and released his debut mixtape in 2006 to critical and commercial acclaim.

Strangely, his spat with his “enemy”, Eminem served to increase his already-growing fame. Although he is still relatively young, is quickly positioned as one of the most well-known and recognized rappers working in the business today.


Kelly’s supporters dubbed him “Machine Gun Kelly” because of how he delivered his lines. His first mixtape, named Stamp of Approval, helped him create a reputation for himself in the business and get recognition.

Following his appearance on Sucker Free Freestyle on MTV2, MGK began playing at several local locations. 100 Words and Running is his second mixtape, which he recorded in the studio.

He began to have significant success in the music industry after releasing the track “Alice in Wonderland,” which was nominated for multiple awards.

Sean Combs signed Kelly to his Bad Boy Record label in 2011. MGK’s fame grew, but his financial situation and earnings remained precarious. When his father booted him out of the house, he became a parent and worked at Chipotle to make ends meet.

In 2016, MGK worked with Camila Cabello on the popular tune “Bad Things,” a worldwide success. In 2018, MGK and Eminem’s animosity reached a boiling point. MGK had previously referred to Eminem’s 16-year-old daughter as “hot” in a tweet sent out some years ago.

Eminem did not discover the tweet until a year later, causing him to produce a diss tune in which he targeted MGK for his actions.

Eminem finally barred MGK from participating on his internet radio station due to the ongoing rivalry. “Rap Devil,” released in 2018, is one of MGK’s most well-known Eminem diss tunes.

Hotel Diablo, MGK’s fourth studio album, was released in 2019. “I Think I’m Okay” and “Glass House” were among the songs from the album, which entered the charts at number five.

This was also the year when he confirmed that his next album, Tickets to my Downfall, he would collaborate with Travis Barker, with a release date set for 2020.

Machine Gun Kelly has various sources of income, which adds to his impressive salary.

Machine Gun Kelly 2017
ARGO-Konzerte,Beck’s Park Stage, Colson Baker, Konzert, Livekonzert, Livemusik, MGK, Machine Gun Kelly, Musik, RiP, Rock im Park 2017. Photo by Stefan Brending.

Personal Life

Kelly has a daughter from a prior relationship with Emma Cannon. Casie, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2009. He has had relationships with models Amber Rose and Sommer Ray. Megan Fox is MGK’s girlfriend, and they started dating in May 2020.

The actor has been outspoken about his cannabis usage and repeatedly said he smokes daily. He describes cannabis use as a “source of happiness and a method for individuals to experience a bit more love [in their own right].”

He has made cannabis a prominent part of his lyrics and personal character throughout his rap career and persona by making numerous allusions to marijuana in many sources. He struggled with heroin addiction for a while, previous to the release of Lace Up.

His cocaine and alcohol consumption had been extensive before the year 2020. Baker disclosed in November 2020 that he has developed an Adderall addiction and that he is now seeking treatment.

His political affiliation is anarchist, according to an interview conducted in 2012.

He began dating model and actress Amber Rose in April 2015, and the couple had a child together. Following that, he started dating model Sommer Ray, with whom he remained for almost a month before calling it quits.

Since May 2020, he has been in a relationship with actress Megan Fox, whom he met while shooting Midnight in the Switchgrass in 2015. The world reacted with excitement when Fox and MGK announced their engagement on January 12, 2022.

Acting Career

Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth has been from his acting and music career. Baker made his feature film debut in the 2014 romance drama Beyond the Lights, in which he starred as Kid Culprit, a “shallow, self-important” rapper.

In 2016, he co-starred in and co-executive produced the drama film The Land, which was set in Cleveland and produced by fellow rapper Nas. In the same year, MGK appeared in a supporting part in the techno-thriller adventure picture Nerve, which also starred Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

He appeared in an episode of the Showtime comedy-drama series Roadies, in which he played Wes, a former Pearl Jam roadie, regularly.

Machine Gun Kelly appeared as Felix in the 2018 Netflix post-apocalyptic horror movie Bird Box, which starred Sandra Bullock. He also starred as drummer Tommy Lee in The Dirt, a 2019 Netflix biographical comedy-drama about the rock band Mötley Crüe.

Among his other film roles is Newt in the 2020 superhero film Project Power in which he co-starred with Jamie Foxx and Midnight in the Switchgrass, in which he co-starred with Bruce Willis and Megan Fox. He also acted in the movie The Last Son, in which he co-starred with Sam Worthington.

Machine Gun Kelly 2013
Machine Gun Kelly performing in Pittsburgh in 2013 on his Lace Up Tour. Photo by Andy Menarchek.

Musical Style

Baker’s musical style is categorized as hip hop, pop-rap, and rap-rock. Tickets to My Downfall, his fifth album, represented a shift in sound and can be characterized as pop-punk.

Baker claims DMX and Eminem as musical inspirations, and he grew up listening to Guns N’ Roses and Blink-182. Baker credits these rap and rock musicians as vital musical inspirations.

In an interview, Baker referred to DMX as his hero. He also mentioned that DMX’s music helped him get over his problems as a kid, including bullying.

Real Estate

Are you wondering where does Machine Gun Kelly live? MGK moved into a brand-new house in Sherman Oaks, California, in early 2020.

According to reports, the rent is $30,000 per month. He has heavily invested his salary in real estate. With huge earnings, Machine Gun kelly’s house boasts of class and elegance.

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