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JELEEL!’s Net Worth & Biography: His Cars, House, Career, and More

the rapper JELEEL! taking photos with a crowd of fans. JELEEL!'s net worth
Image by @wontakejake

He’s known for his eye-popping backflips when he performs and his blended rap, punk, and R&B sound. It’s no wonder that HotNewHipHop’s Alexander Cole described his style as “an energetic vocal delivery, some loud rock-inspired production, and a catchy hook that will be in your head all day.” With this kind of talent backing up JALEEL!, it is not at all surprising that he has turned that into massive amounts of wealth and riches to boot.

What is JELEEL!’s net worth? Find out that and more below.

Who is JELEEL!?

Abdule JELEEL! Yussuf, aka JELEEL!, is a prominent Rhode Island rapper, singer, and record producer who started making a splash in the rap music scene in 2018. Since then, he has continued to boost up his appeal and fanbase.

“My number one goal is to inspire people through my music, energy, and presence,” he once said in an interview.

When Was JELEEL! Born?

JELEEL!’s birthdate is October 14, 1995.

JELEEL!’s Zodiac sign is Libra. As a Libra, JELEEL! is considered to be intelligent, diplomatic, and concerned with his image. What do you think?

How Old is JELEEL! Rapper?

On October 14, 2024, JELEEL!’s age will be 29 years old.

the rapper JELEEL! taking photos with a crowd of fans. JELEEL!'s net worth
Image by @wontakejake

JELEEL!’s Ethnicity

JELEEL! is of Nigerian descent.

Where is JELEEL! From?

JELEEL! was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island.

Which Country Is JELEEL! From?

While technically, JELEEL! is an American citizen and is from the United States, his family was previously from Nigeria, West Africa.

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Where Does JELEEL! Live?

JELEEL! is believed to mainly reside in the Los Angeles, California area as he continues to pursue his music career.

How Tall is JELEEL!?

JELEEL!’s height is estimated to be around 5 feet, 10 inches tall.

How Much Does JELEEL! Weigh?

JELEEL!’s weight is approximately 185 pounds.

How Did JELEEL! Become Famous?

While JELEEL! began his rap career in 2018 and achieved mild success, things exploded, and he started to grab mainstream attention in 2021. JELEEL!’s song “Dive In” received major social media traction, particularly on the hit platform TikTok, and received more than 50 million streams on Spotify. It was this success that led to him signing a partnership with 10K Projects Warner Music.

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JELEEL!’s Parents

While we know JELEEL! has parents just as everyone does, we do not have any solid information about them as the “Glo Up” rapper has kept that part of his life extraordinarily private and out of the spotlight. We do know that both were Nigerian.

It is because of this that JELEEL! said he grew up listening to Afrobeat and Fuji. “I’m Muslim, so I would listen to the Quran and growing up you had to recite the Quran and learn the duas. So I was listening to a lot of African and Arab culture. I would hear the cadences, and I feel like maybe that helped me a lot with my music as well.”

JELEEL!’s Siblings

While almost nothing is known about JELEEL!’s parents, an interview with The Fader did reveal a little bit of information about his older siblings. JELEEL!’s brother is an engineer. JELEEL!’s sister is an entrepreneur. Their names still remain a mystery.

JELEEL!’s Net Worth

As of 2024, JELEEL!’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. While there is no transparent reporting on how that all translates to his annual income, we’d say that he’s raking in a salary of at least a couple hundred thousand dollars.

How Did JELEEL! Get Rich?

JELEEL!’s massive wealth and riches that he has earned in revenue over the years is thanks to his burgeoning music career, including his studio albums, mixtapes, extended plays, and plethora of singles that have received millions of streams and views on various social media and streaming platforms.

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JELEEL!’s Cars

When it comes to JELEEL!, it is quite clear what he likes to spend his hard-earned money on – horsepower. JELEEL! is the proud owner of an impressive car collection.

Some of the key cars in the collection, with substantial price tags to match, include a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, worth $90,000; a Lamborghini Urus, worth $280,000; and a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, worth $90,000. He may have paid a steep cost for each, but we’re certain he’d say he’s getting his money’s worth.

JELEEL!’s House

JELEEL! may not hesitate to show off his crazy car collection to fans, but he has reigned in on sharing where he lives, which isn’t surprising considering the protectiveness he has over his personal life. Considering JELEEL!’s net worth that keeps on growing, we’d venture to guess that he is living it up in a prime Los Angeles, California, estate somewhere. Meanwhile, we wouldn’t be surprised if he also held down a residence in Rhode Island for when he wanted to visit his family.

How Much Does JELEEL! Make Per Show?

It’s a steep cost to book JELEEL! for a show, just like it is for so many artists. It seems that JELEEL!’s starting fee is anywhere between $40,000 and $74,999. It is expected that he then takes home quite a chunk of that change at the end of the day.

How Much Are JELEEL! Tickets?

According to a few ticket sales websites, JELEEL! is known to have tickets for his live shows at a pretty reasonable price for fans. On average, as long as fans have cash to cover a 50-dollar price tag, then they’re all set.

How Much Does JELEEL! Charge For a Feature?

Right now, there aren’t any sources that make it clear how much money JELEEL! charges for a feature. However, if JELEEL!’s net worth has anything to show for it or if he’s anything like some of these other well-known rappers, he could be charging upwards of $250K. Perhaps one day, we’ll find out for sure, but only time will tell.

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Early Life

Prior to beginning his pursuit of music, JALEEL! attended La Salle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island, and later went on to study at, and eventually graduate from, Loyola University Maryland.


It was while JELEEL! was still studying at Loyola University that he released his very first song, “Play Me.” Sadly, that song has since been deleted from all his streaming platforms. He didn’t let things get him down, though.

On June 7, 2019, the first and only of JELEEL!’s mixtapes, Angel From Heaven, was released on June 7, 2019. This was followed up by the extended play, Generation Z in 2020. Then, his big break came in 2021, with “Dive In!” and his subsequent record deal that came with it.

By April 2022, with his deal under his belt, JELEEL!’s song “Rain on You” was released. Two months later, in June, fellow rapper Mike Dimes accompanied him for a new single, “Clubhouse!” Then, in July, that was followed by “Uncivilized! (Go!)”

More songs continued to come throughout the year, including “Stone Cold!” in August and “Deliver!” in September, giving him plenty of songs to choose from when he performed at the Made in America Festival in September 2022.

After a few months of quiet, he released his next single, “Ride the Wave!” which included a music video shot in Nigeria on January 2023. It was the perfect catalyst for JELEEL!’s album, Real Raw!, which became his first and only full-length studio album to date.

Already, in a short time, JALEEL! has accomplished a myriad of things, so it’s one hundred percent believable to guess that this is just the beginning of what is sure to be a long and lucrative career for him.

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What Happened to JELEEL! Rapper?

JELEEL! almost had a brush with death last October. While making an appearance at a Nitro Circus event in Anaheim, California, his extreme sports attempt took a horrible turn. While attempting to ride a tricycle down a 40-foot ramp, the “Charged Up!” rapper veered off to the side and crashed on the ground.

The scariest part of it all was that fan-recorded video footage captured it all and showed that he laid completely still for several moments after the crash.

Is JELEEL! the Rapper OK?

Thankfully, fans didn’t have to hold their breath in fear for too long after the crash. That same night, JELEEL! took to social media to put fans at ease. He wrote, “I’m good y’all! Appreciate everyone’s concerns, walked out the hospital with a few stitches! Alhumdullilah!” he said on Instagram alongside a photo showing off the injuries he sustained. “Y’all know I’m a superhero. C’mon now.”

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