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How Did Takeoff Die? The Details Behind the Rapper’s Death

takeoff performing on stage
Rapper Takeoff performing on stage in in Toronto in 2017. Photo by Charito Yap.

Many people recognize the name Takeoff as an action a plane completes as it is leaving the ground. But Takeoff is also the name of a Rapper most famous for his work in a hip-hop trio named Migos.

Read on to learn more about Takeoff, the Rapper, and the details surrounding his death in 2022.

Who is Takeoff?

Takeoff is a rapper most famous for being part of the hip-hop trio Migos. The other members of the group included his uncle Quavo and Offset, who is his cousin. They are most famous for the songs “Motorsport,” “Stir-Fry,” and “Bad and Boujee.”

Takeoff’s Real Name

Takeoff (Rapper) was born with the name Kirshnik Khari Ball. It is unclear why or how the star picked his stage name, but it is obvious that he wanted something much different from his real name.

takeoff with his group migos
Migos performing at the Veld festival in August 2017. Photo by the Come Up Show.

Where Was Takeoff Born?

Takeoff was born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, which is a small town with a population of just 30,000 people about 30 miles from the city of Atlanta.

How Old is Takeoff?

Takeoff’s age at the time he died (2022) was 28 years old. This means he missed becoming part of the 27 club by a few months. His birthday was June 18th, 1994.

How Tall is Takeoff?

Takeoff’s height is 5’10” or 177cm tall. It is not known how much he weighed at the time of his death.

How Long Was Takeoff in Jail?

In 2015, Takeoff was arrested, along with the rest of the Migos group, as a result of bringing drugs and weapons to a scheduled performance. The group, including Takeoff, spent 2 days in jail before they were released on bail.

In 2020, Takeoff was accused of raping a woman during a house party. The LA police, however, did not find any evidence the rape occurred and later dropped the case.  Takeoff did not serve any jail time in this instance.

Therefore, during his 28 years on earth, Takeoff spent a total of 2 days in jail.


What Happened to Takeoff?

Takeoff was just beginning a strong and promising career when he died suddenly on November 1st, 2022. Despite the sexual assault allegations and prior drug arrests, Takeoff was doing well as a celebrity and showed no signs of falling out of fame.

How Did Takeoff Die?

Takeoff died as a result of several gunshot wounds, one in the head, another in the torso, and the final one in the arm. He was killed in Houston, Texas, at 810 Billiards and Bowling. It was reported that there was an argument between Takeoff and other members of his group prior to the shooting about the game of dice they were playing.

While it was originally believed that he died as a result of a stray bullet, the Houston police later concluded his death was a homicide. As of November 3rd, 2022, the investigation is ongoing, and it is unclear who will be charged for killing Takeoff.

Who Killed Takeoff?

At the time of writing this article (November 3rd, 2022) is unclear who was holding the gun that killed Takeoff.

Takeoff Shooting Video

Below is a video of the shooting, and it features a person of interest the Houston police are looking for.


How Many Kids Does Takeoff Have?

Surprisingly, Takeoff did not have any children, although many reports in the past have mentioned him being romantically involved with several different women.

How Much is Takeoff’s Net Worth?

At the time of his death, Takeoff’s net worth was approximately $26 million.


Written by Hope Davis

Long-time music lover Hope became a full-time writer in 2020 after being laid off from her regular job due to COVID-19. She now spends her time traveling the world to see her favorite bands while writing about them!


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